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    Unable to install.....

      I am continually getting the following message on my Nook HD:


      This Application is not able to install onto your device. Please remove some items from your library and then download the application to try again.

      This message will occur even if you are not using an app. You can be on the web, reading a book, or anything else. It will occur even with a working app.


      I have plenty of storage available. I removed several items just to see and it still occurs. It happens more frequently after Google chrome installed. Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

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          I am also expereincing this issue and it is really souring my Nook HD+ experience.  At first I was very excited about GoodlePlay coming to the HD because it meant I could get some comic realted apps I wanted as well as some items like Calibe Companion.  But it this error also seems to have uninstalled all the Nook apps that I got for my kids and it won't let me reinstall them.  '


          That is making me and my kids very unhappy.

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            I had this problem too! I ended up doing a hard reset and re-registering my Nook.  That seemed to take care of the problem and I haven't had any issues with it since.