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    Problems with HD+ wishlist

      Is there any work going on at B&N to fix this ridiculous excuse for a wishlist? I buy books from the list and they still appear. There is no way to remove purchased books from the list which makes it hopelessly cluttered after a while, almost useless. Also, many of the items on the list appear twice, making it even more cluttered!


      Is there any movement getting this fixed or is a better idea to just cut the frustration and jump ship altogether?




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          The tone of your post implies that you think the NOOK Division's Powers That Be will: (1) read it, and (2) reply and/or act on your concern. 


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            You want to jump ship because of a faulty wishlist?  It's annoying to be sure but really?


            Anyways some helpful info:

            1) Buying an item directly from the wishlist does indeed remove it from the wishlist in the process.

            2) Buying a wishlist item from the Shop instead DOES NOT remove it from the wishlist.  I don't know why, but yes it is pretty annoying.


            There is a way to fix it as long as you are willing to do a reset in the process. This workaround clears the Nook app cache that allows the fix, but will require a device reset to get it working again. I found this out quite by accident by messing with the settings menu:


            1) Settings > Applications > My Apps

            2) Tap "Media Storage" on the right side

            3) Clear Data  (This was my "accident" as I was trying to fix the dreaded glitch of no cover appearing for magazines)


            4) Go into Shop and open your Wishlist

            5) Your books should all appear as purchasable (don't worry you still can't double purchase them)

            6) Remove the offending titles from your wishlist


            You will need to reset your Nook at this point as you will notice that your Nook Library will have absolutely nothing in it until you do.


            Once again, this will break your Nook software until you do a reset. But it will allow you to clean up your wishlist.


            Then just be sure to remove wishlist items before you buy them, or buy directly from the wishlist.

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