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    transfering apps

      so ive just made the decision to contact cs about my nook hd 16gb. background before i get to the actual app question. about 3 nights ago went to put it on the charger and found that when i went to get it off the charger it was really hot about 10 mins after charging. at the same time found the casing bezzle thing coming apart at the seam up  top by the headphone outlet. ive looked back in this forum for abt 6 or 7 pages and didnt find any answer to my question.


      how do i get my apps ( fruit ninja, facebook app any of those types that i have on my unit) transferred from my old nook hd to my new one. the cs rep told me that all my books would transfer does that go for apps too? if not can i add them to the nook cloud and re d/l after i get my new one set up?


      please any info/links or blogs i can read about this would be most helpful. thanks