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    HD+ Will Not Charge in Car

      I have an HD+ and I can't get it to charge in my car.


      I have tried several different adapters and cords, including brand new ones with the help of a store employee. I attempted to charge my HD+ and my mom's HD+ to no avail. The employee took my HD+ to his car and had no problem, it charged immediately. I recently tried a charger adapter for use with laptops (3-prong plugs and USB port) and even that wouldn't work


      I have other Nooks and electronic devices that charge without a problem.


      Anyone else have this issue? Advice? The Nook specialist at my store was baffled and asked me to let him know what I find out.

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          Are you sure you don't need a fuse to your cigeratte lighter in the car, that is what was wrong with mine.

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            If the employee was able to charge your HD with your cable in his car, but your HD won't charge in your your car with your cable then then it would seem to be the car.  If I understand correctly, same HD, same cable, different cars?  Why the car would differentiate between devices makes no sense, but you've tried different cables.


             Thought of something, could it be a power issue?  I can't get my ipad to charge in the car, but my iPod will.

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              I am a truck driver, so I only charge mine this way.  The best way to do it , is find a small inverter and use the wall plug.  I have 2 in here. I can't seem to get mine to charge with just the usb.  

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                  You need a certain amount of current/voltage to trigger USB charging. Devices vary in the amount they need. You could try putting a larger amp fuse in the car power plug or using an inverter. I re-wired the car power plug to the battery when I needed more power for an inverter.
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                      Most all vehicle power jacks are rated for 15 to 20 Amps at 12V (13.8 if the engine is running at more than an idle). That's over 180 Watts. Should be more than enough to charge any hand held device.


                      However, some outlets are switched and have no power when the ignition is off. So plugging in a power adapter will only charge while the engine is running. And sice it takes a few hours to charge an HD/+, one may not see much charging during a 10-20 minute commute.

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                      What finally worked for me was when I connected my nook to the wall charger and plugged that into the inverter. That is the only way so far that I get the orange charging light. 


                      Thanks for all of your help and input!