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    Few Questions on Nook Store and Google Play Apps...

      (1) Am I correct in assuming that the pre-installed Facebook for Nook app is not really an app, its really just a link that opens Facebook Mobile in a browser?? If I'm wrong, then where are the settings for notifications?


      (2) When I download an app from the Nook Store, how come it always shows up in Google Play as an installed app needing an update?


      I thought the stores were separate?


      If I try to uninstall it from Google Play.... it shows back up, needing an update.


      Thanks for any answers you can give me! :smileyhappy:

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          1) Don't know. Facebook has made an Android App. Get it from the Play Store. It might work on Nook.


          2) Because apps have the same 'identifier'. So if a developer makes an app he/she names it




          This identifier is usually the exact same for Nook Store and Play Store.


          So Play Store doesn't know that the app is different. It just sees 'com.domain.appname' unique identifier and thinks it's the app from its own store.


          Play Store will treat the app exactly as if it came from Play store. Just ignore it asking you to update or turn off update notifications for the app. It's in settings somewhere.

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            THANK YOU 5ivedom!!!


            I appreciate the explanation! I just wanted to know.


            The Google Play Facebook for Android.... it does work. And have figured out my assumption was correct, in that the Facebook for Nook app is nothing more than fancy icon that when clicked opens up Facebook Mobile in a browser. No push notifications.


            Thanks again, 5ivedom, for taking the time to answer my questions!!