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    Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

      I've had to erase my nook once already because I found that was the solution on another website now I'm stuck again.  All of this happened after the upgrade.  What are we supposed to do, hard erase the nook 2x a week?  Please advise

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          The same thing happened to me and when I did a search on this forum the response I found that worked for me was to do a factory reset.  You do this by holding down both the power and home buttons for a minute.  Of course, after the factory reset you have to load all your settings again, but gee, at least the thing turns on again.



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            Yes, unfortunately I've had to do this twice. Both times it happened when swapping between profiles. The tablet jammed and then on reboot gets stuck at 99%.
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              This is what happened to me! 

              I ended up doing the factory reset, and lost all my google play apps. And its still acting strange, will randomly turn off, so I have to load it up again. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it. 5ivedom suggested just taking it to the store... 

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                Please don't make me buy a kindle.  Lovely Nook HD was doing fine until yesterday when I asked it to go to my gmail account.  Gray 99%.  Turned it off by 'off button + nook button' but it still won't reload or do anything but 99%after several tries.  Urrrgh.


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                  Any resolution to your issue? I'm facing this problem today. :smileysad:

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                    This situation happenned to me last night.  I waited and waited and nothing happened.  So, this morning, I went to my closest B&N store and explained the situation to the assistant manager who tried to help to no avail.  Seeing no way to solve the situation, he traded the old Nook with a new one.  I am a happy camper.



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                      I think the only thing that can be done is do the factory reset. 

                      Then if you want the update again, you can re-download it to a computer, then transfer it over. I'm still going  to call and make sure that's the only action that can be done. 

                      My Nook is still acting strange some times. Like randomly turning off when the screen goes dark. I has to fully rebot and everything. Annoying... 


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                        After doing the factory reset, and still having problems with it, I just called the support line. It looked like no one was getting help by taking it into the store. They rep stated that I should just try to down load the update again, but my computer does not recongize my nook or the file with the update. Went to a different computer and it's the same thing... How are you supposed to get the update again?

                        The rep also stated that if I was not able to find a computer that would work, to just call back and they would send me a new one, because I am still under warrenty. Which is cool. And its looking like that may be the case.

                        My Nook will still shut off some times while in sleep mode, and I have to wait a while before I'm able to get it to boot back up. That never happened until I did the factory reset. This is becoming a lot more work that it needs to be. I hope they can fix the 99% glitch and the problems the update brought. Don't get me wrong, I loved having the app store and all the cool stuff that came with it. But I would rather have my Nook fully functional.

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                          I have just had this problem for the 2nd time, and it will be the 3rd time since the operating system update that I will have to do a hard reset.  I never had this type of problem under the "old" OS - it was less versatile but it didn't render itself unusable like what's happening now.  I'm resigned to do another hard reset, but I'm getting sick of this Nook HD issue.  Anybody have any insight has to what is causing this chronic problem?  Anyway to go back to the "old" Nook operating system?  I think I'd be willing to give up many of the new apps just to have the Nook HD perform the functions I bought it for reliably.

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                            Ever since I took off the security to login every time, I stopped having problems. For me it did this when I swapped between profiles. I run two, one for me and one for my daughter. I also saw that Google Earth was super buggy so I stopped installing that app.
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                              I JUST bought this for my son for his birthday.  My son has autism.  I decided to make sure it was charged before I put it back into the box to wrap it and now its stuck on 99 and wont do a damn thing.  I guess I am taking this peace of crap back to the store.  Can you imagine how my son with autism will flip out if this happens as often as you all are saying.  Now I know why everyone told me to get a kindle.

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                                This has happened a handful of times on my Nook HD+ too, and it seems to be related to trying to manage multiple profiles on one device.  It's been locking up when I switch it to my son's profile, and the only work-around is to do a factory reset (URF!).  I've decided to delete his profile completely, and just turn off the wi-fi when I hand it to him.  And now I'm saving up to buy a real android device, and then my son can keep this Nook.

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                                  This will be the second time I have had it frozen at 99%. It has happened both time when I was switching profiles and when I wasn't connected to wifi. So I am wondering if that is it? But who knows it is just time consuming to reset and have to reload everything all over again! UGH! Hope they fix this soon!

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                                    Ugh...my 2nd Nook 32GB HD+ to have it do this. I'm convinced that it has something to do with profiles and that the microSD card (as they told me in the store) plays some role in the problem. I'm just not certain how/why.


                                    In my case, as before, my son turned my Nook HD+ on, switched to his profile and the Nook went dead.


                                    Here's where the MicroSD card comes in....once your HD+ dies like this, it will NOT turn on/reboot or do anything until the microSD card is removed. However, it will now only boot to the 99% screen and hang.


                                    Off to the store later today or tomorrow.

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