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    Cannot update Adobe Air

      I bought a Nook HD+ less than two weeks ago. I installed a new app (MKSAP) from google play. When I run this application, it complains that it requires a newer version of "Adobe Air".  However when I tried to update original version of "Adobe Air", update process failes giving an error message "Application is already installed". It is also not possible to uninstall the original version of Adobe Air (only disable option is there). I jsut wonder whether anyone else has come across this problem and whether there is any method to resolve this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I have the same problem with my Nook HD+ -- an app I downloaded recently requires the latest version of Adobe Air (currently 3.7.0), but the Nook is supplied with 3.3.0. I've tried updating through Google Play, but I got the error. I would like to access Adobe Air directly, but there isn't even an icon in the apps section. Is there anyway that this can be updated?

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              Check the Adobe website. Adobe ended support on Android for Flash recently. Perhaps it's ended support for Adobe Air too?

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                It's now 4 months later and evidently B&N hasn't fixed this problem. Have been trying all morning to update the factory installed Air ver. to the current Air 3.8. No luck. So disgusted. This is why I won't own another Nook and why we encouraged my dad to get an Asus tablet. On a tablet you can get the Nook and Kindle app. When I got my 1st Nook customer serie was helpful and understandable. Now it's based God knows where and communication is next to impossible.

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                    This issue is still a problem.  I have an app called Mahjong Time that played beautifully on my Nook HD+, then last time I tried to play this app, it said I needed to update Adobe Air.  So I try to update Adobe Air and it downloads and tries to install (from Google Play) but my Nook tells me it already exists.  Of course it does, but how about letting it update??? Really Disappointed.  I have no way of checking what version of Adobe Air I do have.  I don't think I'll be buying another Nook in the future. Went digging in my Nook under Just got off the phone with B&N Nook HD+ support and found where it is on my Nook, under All Settings--> Applications --> My Apps and Adobe Air is listed showing version  On that same page, I cleared cache, I did a force stop, and now I'm going to try reinstalling updated version of Adobe Air even though technician from B&N claims my Nook did update because that's what it is saying; but it's still not showing the updated version in all settings/apps/my apps.  He said I need to call Google Play..which I'm going to do next.1-855-836-3987.  BTW, this late in the game, B&N no longer has any app for Adobe Air in their App store, so the only way to get this is through Google Play.

                    Will write again on what I find out.  

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                        Google Play says the app should install the update, that it is compatible with Nook HD+.

                        So now I'm trying to get answers on the Adobe Air message boards.  


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                            Adobe Air appears to be one of the HD firmware applications. Just like Twitter and kin. They aren't from the shop.



                            Historically attempting to update such apps by using a Google store version has always caused problems -- they somehow do not see each other as "same app" and instead end up with parts of both getting installed and fighting each other.