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    Problems syncing between iphone and android apps

      I have been using the nook app on my iphone 5s for over a year now, and it always stayed in sync with my Nook HD.  I recently purchased an android tablet, running kitkat.  I installed the Nook app on it (and put the Nook HD to rest).  The tablet and iphone are not staying in sync with one another.  I have tried pushing the manual sync button on the android app, but this does not work.  My iphone updates to the new app version yesterday, but that doesn't seem to help.  Any thoughts?

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          Make sure you used exactly the same email and password to signin the Nook app on all devices. Uninstall and reinstall if you are not sure.


          Which seems to be the most up to date, the iphone or android tablet? What sorts of things are you checking to see if they are synced: books, magazines, videos, apps? Or are you talking about bookmarks and such?

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              I waited an extra day to respond, because when I first saw the reply and tried again things were in sync.  Well, that was a lucky isolated incident.


              The only thing I'm using to tell if items are in sync are books, specifically the last page read.  When my current book being read was not staying in sync, I tried opening one on the tablet that I had completed a month or more ago (on either the iphone or older Nook HD - not sure which one was used to finish the book).  The last page read should have been in the 326 range.  I opened the book on the android tablet, and it started out on page 1.  I did this on two different "completed" books, and the same thing happened.


              As far as which is staying in sync, or most up to date:  the last one used is the most up to date.  On the rare occasion (probably twice last week, out of 5 days) I will have read on my iphone while eating lunch or some other break time at work that day.  When I got home that evening, the tablet magically asked me if I wanted to go to the last page read and it was corret.  The other three days after work,I have to look at my iphone to see what page I finsihed on and move the tablet to the correct page number.  Each new day at work, I have to recall what page number I finished on with the tablet, and move the iphone up accordingly.  Does that make sense?


              I took your adivce yesterday and completely removed the nook app on the android tablet, and then reinstalled.  I downloaded the book I was reading, and it started on the page that the tablet had last left off.


              As far as using the exact same email and password:  wouldn't they have to be the same to be reading purchased material?  Unless I had two accounts (which I do not).


              Thanks for the help.

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              I have the same problems syncing between my iPad and my Nook Galaxy 4.  My iPad will usually pick up where I left off on my Nook but the Galaxy won't pick up where I left off on my iPad.  Its annoying but able to deal.

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                  I've usually found that I can get everything to sync up among my devices (NST, NGTS, iPad, Android phone) but I have to be religious about sync'ing each device after I close any book on one device and before I open it on another.  I pretty much decided it wasn't worth the trouble.  Since I don't have a problem with having multiple books in progress at the same time anyway, I just read different books on different devices.  If I occasionally open a book on a different device and it's not on the right page I can find my way to where I was without too much trouble.