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    Reading at the beach

      I want to read my new Nook HD at the beach. Will I be able to do so or will the sunlight limit my ability to read the screen? Any suggestions?

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          The HD screen is an LCD one like screens on smartphones and computers. So yes bright, direct sunlight will affect your ability to read on it. Turning the screen up to full brightness, using the white on black font, and sitting in some shade might make it a bit easier to read at the beach; but your best bet for outdoor reading is an eink device.

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            also be aware that looking at the HD through a pair of sunglasses may completely black out the screen for you. Take them off when you read and follow the instructions given already otherwise.


            Put your device in a plastic bag for the beach to keep the sand and moisture from getting in it. Also don't leave it in the sun for very long, they don't seem to like getting sun baked and may stop working until they've had a chance to cool down. Too long in the sign and it might permanently damage it.  This is normal it seems for many devices, not just nooks.

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              I agree.  Even if you have the anti-glare screen protyector (which I'd strongly advise if you're gong to have it at the beach with all the sand) you're gonna have glare and reflecion.  You'll have to turn it up to max brightness which will put big demand on the battery.  Also there is the issue of over heating, which tends to happen when the screen is at its brightest and when the unit is itself hot.  I love my HD+, but it's pretty much an indoor device.  The Simple Touch (without the glow light) is a great beach/camping/outdoor reader. I'm a camper and it'sthe Simple Touch I take with me when we're going to be outdoors off the grid.

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                  the blackout effect is specific to polarized lenses, and can be turned to your advantage:  if you don't wear prescription sunglasses, you can try on a few pairs and look at your nook indoors.  almost certainly you will find that in either landscape or portrait polarized sunglasses will let light through and you can choose a pair that do best in your preferred orientation.  even prescripton lenses will work to an extent in one orientation, but it may not be the one you like best.


                  however, the screen is still very hard to read in full light.  I have very few lcd screens that are even usable in sun, and the hd+ is not one of them.