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    Why is my battery suddenly draining so quickly?

      It seemed to start happening right after the update last week.  I've played some games, read some books, check a website or 2 occasionally, but that's it.  It seems that the only way to keep the battery from draining completely in less than 12 hours is by turning it off completely whenever it's not in use.  And when on I only get about 4-6 hours of battery.  I'm convinced it was the update and all of the over-blown and unwanted apps forced on us.  I've turned off all of the location stuff but as for the rest of it, I'd call it bloatware.  Is there any way we can uninstall this update?  Is B&N going to do anything about this?



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          be sure that you change the auto update setting in the google play store to 'disabled' too, and turn auto checking email. my hd+ sat for ~3 days last week and only lost ~20% of charge.
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            I've been experiencing the exact same problem. My Nook HD's battery life was great before the 2.1 update. After the update, I'm repeatedly getting extreme battery drain on idle. I too have turned off the location services. I've also disabled the Google Play Store from automatically updating apps. I've rebooted the tablet, but the battery drain on idle continues. I charged it last a day ago, put it to "sleep", and when I checked it earlier today, I had 8% battery left. I did not use the Nook at all in that time.

            The battery usage line graph showed the battery draining slowly initially, but then the line took a nose dive (almost a completely vertical drop). The details below it showed that "Tablet Idle" used 80% of the battery. What on earth is this doing to use up so much battery so fast? I've e-mailed Nook Support about this, so we'll see what sort of response I get. This battery drainage is ridiculous, so they'd better have a solution.


            Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the battery drain? Any other settings I should check? I've just turned off Backup Settings, so we'll see if that makes a difference. Short of just turning the Nook completely off when not in use, I'm not sure what else to do.

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              Mine started doing that with the update. I charged my battery 100% and didn't use it at all. When I went to lunch 4 hours later, it was at 5%. Turn your rotate lock on, make sure your auto screen turn off is like 15 mins, and turn off auto update for google play. It's not ideal, but it's better than it was.