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    Defective Nooks

      I bought 2 nook HDs on Saturday for my kids to use, an 8gb and a 16gb.  By Sunday, the 8gb shut off and would not turn back on.  I tried all the work arounds and tricks and even everything from nook support.  I even took it back to Best Buy and they offered a replacement or refund.  The 16gb keeps turning off and will display 99% but won't do anything.  It has done this 3 times within 24 hours and each time the only way to help was to hold the power button and N symbol and do a reset.  This has gotten annoying. The latest time this happened I have been letting it sit with the 99% visible and in 12 hours it still has not changed.


      Heres the issue. I know that I can exchange both since I am still within 15 days at best buy, but since I have 2 devices with issues in the first 24 hours, is this a bigger issue that I want to stay away from.  I have a separate nook HD+ for myself that has had no issues and I am debating returning all 3 devices while I still can.