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    Nook HD plus Volume muted

      Hi, I am not able to hear any audio from my Nook HD plus. when I press the volume buttons volume scroll bar comes up on the screen but nothing happens. I cant hear any video played in youtube or any website or from any App. I am not able to hear throguh head phones also. It shows sybmol like the volume is muted. I have gone through All seeting menu - >sound seettings. But no use. How to unmute volume? Please help. It was working fine earlier suddenly the volume was muted not sure how to unmute it.
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          did you hold the right volume button down until the volume bar went all the way to the right?

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            I suspect you may be experiencing the same issue that I have now had 3 times with my Nook HD+.  I have only had the device one week and the only connection I can make is that it seems to happen after I have installed and run one of several different Google Play battery saving apps.  The muting of all notifications and the overall volume seems to start at that point and, even worse, uninstalling the app and rebooting the device does not restore the volume!.  Have you installed any app of this type?  The only way I have found to restore volume control is to completely erase and deregister the device. 


            There must be some common software control feature, unique to the Nook, that is common to these type of apps since I would be surprised that this issue exists for other Android devices without having already been detected and fixed.

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                That's very interesting Pracom.


                1) Yes, based on what you've written it definitely seems to be due to one of the battery saving apps.


                2) Does the issue fix itself if you uninstall these apps and restart?


                3) Your guess that it's a Nook specific bug might be correct too.

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                A battery monitoring app froze my sound. I was anle to fix it w sound control + by coffeebreak - free app in google play store...... see more comments below
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                  Thanks to all volume control+ fixed it.


                  Another one of android os peculiar bugs.

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                      Just encountered this problem on my HD. After reading it could be a battery app, I checked, and sure enough, my battery saver had a profile that mutes the device when the battery is low. Problem is, the HD was fully charged! Worse, I couldn't uncheck mute on the profile. So I created a new profile with no mute, applied it, and sound came back! App is Battery Doctor. I think lt's a good app, but you just have to be careful about the profile.

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                      This happened to my HD just today. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and even rebooted it. But I promptly googled the issue and came up with this thread. The solution to download and use Volume Control+ worked perfectly. Thanks to those who posted the answer. I was bummed out for awhile thinking I might have to send it in for repair under warranty.


                      I also have Battery Doctor installed. But my battery never fell below 50% today. I don't know if that app was the cause, but just to be safe, I uninstalled it. I wasn't using it anyway. I use Greenify and App Killer to monitor and manage battery drain. I also use Llama, which is great for automatically shutting off Wi-Fi when the screen goes off. I found that made a big difference in battery life.


                      So thanks again to all for this helpful thread.

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                        Woo hoo!!! The Volume Control + app worked for me too!! I've been about to pull my hair out trying to figure out the problem, LOL!!! Thanks soooo much to the person who posted this fix!
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                          Thanks! I was having the same issue and a volume control app fixed the problem.

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                            So thankful for this post.  I had the same problem with the mute issue and was going crazy!  The app "Sound Control +" by Coffeebreak worked like a charm.  Ever grateful!