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    Version 2.1 But No Google Apps Appear on Nook HD

      The new 2.1 operating system was installed over-the-air- on my Nook HD, as confirmed by checking the version number under setting, the installation of Google Chrome, and the little Nook icon in the corner of the Nook Apps.


      However, in the list of Apps, I don't see any of the Google Apps that were supposed to be installed with 2.1.  I don't see the Google Play Store (the only Store I have is the Nook store, as before the updtate), Google Maps, Google Play Music, etc.  I can't seem to find them anywhere on the Nook.  I have tried to install new apps using the Google Play website, but I keep getting error messages because I'm supposed to be using the Google Play Store, which I can't find.....


      I have turned off and restarted my Nook HD at least twice since the 2.1 udpate, but still can't find these apps.


      I spoke to someone on BN tech support about this issue (but w/o my Nook in hand).  After hearing my story, the only thing that came to his mind was to de-register the Nook and start all over.  I do NOT want to do that and I do not believe that that has to be the best solution to this issue.  Has anyone out there had a similar issue and/or (more importantly) can advise me how to fix it?  Thank you.