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    App Help after Update

      I had purchased (paid for) the App. 'Words With Friends' (not the free one) many, many months ago.  After the Google Update to my HD, I got some sort of message that said they were reinstalling the apps from the Google Store and that if I wanted to reinstall the original Nook version I could redownload it from the Cloud.  I may have accidentally clicked okay as a ton of messages were popping up and syncing messages were popping up after the update saying everything under the sun was being added and re-synced and this and that was improved.  


      I searched my library for Words With Friends and I find the non-free version with the little green n in the corner, but I don't know how to get it out of the Cloud or reactivate it.  When I click open it just takes me back to the free version.  I'm afraid to delete the free version because I don't want to accidentally delete the paid for version in case they merged or something.  


      Thanks for your help.