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    Alex - can you help get one book fixed and look for another?


      Alex - I was going to put these in at Customer Service, but all they have is a Chat, no e-mail.  I don't want to chat in a little box....I want these sent to the right people to get fixed or found.  Nook e-book issues.


      1) Needs fixed:  King's Shield (Book 3 of Inda Series) by Sherwood Smith. @King's Shield: Book Three of Inda by Sherwood Smith | 9780756405625 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble This has gone on for years and is a real disservice to BN readers and the author alike....If you click the link, you will see that only the Paperback version is available new from BN.  The page has the "Tell the publishers you want this in a Nook Book!" button.  You can search the title - no other versions show up.  It drove me crazy wondering why books 1,2 and 4 of a series were available but not book 3 (and, in a fit of pique - I refused to start another of the author's series until I got this one fixed - hurting the author's sales - and I bet I am not the only reader miffed about this - see book comments).  I finally complained to a helpful local store BN employee.  I wonder what the publishers thought all that time I (and others) punched that button when the e-book really is in BN's system already?  I know this Nook Book exists because:

      a) the local BN store employee sold it to me (via its internal BN ean number on the cash register in store, which they saw an obtained from their bookstore system).  We used the Download button to get it into my account....shortly thereafter when I sync'd my NC, the book appeared in my library.  I opened it right there (in case it wouldn't open so he could give me a refund).  It was (is) a good copy.  (Yes, this was back in the summer.)

      b) On the paperback book page on the BN website (link above), you can "Look Inside", and it tells you the paperback version is not available to look at, but here's the Nook book!  (Oh, really....but you won't sell that to the public?)


      2) Needs found:  A similar situation exists for Jennifer Roberson's Cheysuli series, which is being re-released in e-book format...at least the first 3 in the series.  The first book is Shapechangers, apparently available only in paperback from the "marketplace" on BN.  This volume as e-book edition is available elsewhere in e-book format.  I bet it exists...somewhere....in BN's system, too.  Why?  Because books 2 and 3, Song of Homana and Legacy of the Sword, are in BN's system as Nook e-books.  Once again - who releases books 2 and 3 but NOT book 1 of a series?  It's in there....somewhere.  The local store didn't find this one.  I would still like to buy it.  I'd like to buy the rest of the series, too, but they may not exist in e-book format (yet, I hope).  It sure doesn't help the author's sales when book 1 of a series is not available.  These are in my "replace DTB collection" group - meaning I already read them in paper but want them in my e-book library, but what about the would-be readers new to the series?  I wouldn't start a series I could not get book 1 of.


      Thanks for your help getting this to the right people at BN Nook division to get these Nook books fixed and found.


      We appreciate your work keeping the forum going!


      Merry Christmas!