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    HD+ SD card question


      I currently have a Nook Tablet. I have lots of pdf files (magazines) on an SD Card. I ordered a new HD+ and it will be here tomorrow. Can I put the SD card from my Tablet in the HD+? Will it have to be reformatted? Is there anything I should do before I put the card in the HD+ or will it know what to do. The pdf files are on my computer, so if I have to copy them to the card again after formatting, that is OK. Any advice will be appreciated.

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          I too had a Nook Tablet and bought the HD+.  When I inserted my SD card in the HD+ it stated that it had to be formatted and it wiped everything that was on it.  Thank goodness I had everything backed up in a folder on my PC so I didn't lose my books, movies, music etc...


          Hope this helps


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            cgsmom, what Campyrs wrote.


            Since Nook HD+ uses a different file transfer protocol (MTP) there's a chance it'll ask to reformat the card.

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              Hope you enjoy your new hd+. I love mine.
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                AFAIK a card can be read by the HD+ as long as it's formatted as either Fat32 or exFat. The reason you get the message about reformatting is that files over 4GB in size, like video, require exFat. You should be able to read your existing card if it is FAT32.


                After you insert the card just hit cancel when you get the reformat message.

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                  Cgs... Might want to backup card by using a sd card reader with a micro sd adapter on computer and copying the contents to a folder then stop/eject card... Insert into nook and let it format.... Then copy the file back to it using the computer. Advantage of this is you won't get prompted to format and inadvertently wipe the card since it's in native exFAT which is the preferred format
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                    Well I learned the hard way with these SD Micro cards.  Here's some advice.


                    1. I just got my Nook HD+, previous to that I had the Nook Tablet.

                    2. I took the Micro SD card (sandisk 32GB) from the Tablet and inserted it into the HD+.

                    3. Nook HD+ asked to format the card...........I clicked NO.

                    4. The card seem to read fine.......until I took it out (unmounted it) and tried make a back up of the contents onto my PC..............the card was toast!! I fried it! All content was lost. The Nook HD+ must have kept trying to read the file structure on the card and it died.


                    Lesson learned.............


                    1.  Make sure to make a backup of your Micro SD card FIRST!!

                    2. The cards are formated to the device its been used in so they aren't compatible, you can't just hot swap them.

                    3. Always format the MicroSD card in the new device, even if its empty. The format will build the file structure for the device.


                    I hope my killing my 32gb helps you.  Luckily I had ordered a new one for the HD+. and I did have a backup of my side books. 

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                        Here's another data point which neither proves nor disproves anything, but which appears to be a bit different than your experience, bluegirl99.


                        I moved my 8gb sandisk card from my NC to my HD+ and replied no to the format question. But the HD+ didn't recognize it. So I removed it (without checking to see if it could be unmounted), put it in my PC which did recognize it. All my files were still there. I backed it up to the PC and ejected it. When I reinserted it into the HD+ it was recognized without any formatting request and has been fine ever since, although whenever I do a power down and restart, I get a notification that the HD+ is Preparing SD card - checking for errors.  I simply dismiss the notification and everything functions normally.