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    Nook version vs Google Play version "loop"

      I love, love LOVE the addition of Google Play to stock HD/HD+! 


      One slightly annoying issue though that there probably is a way out of, so I ask you users for your take on it:


      There is a number of apps that keeps looking for updates and then I get the notification "you already have the Nook version..." and something about one replacing the other. It seems this gets into sort of a loop, because if I replace it with the Google version it seems the Nook will replace it back with the Nook version when doing its automatic "check if all all is as it should". And then at some later point Google will want to update it and on it goes. Twitter, Spotify, Dolphin, Office suite were my frequent "repeat offenders". I archived Office (Nook version) and Dolphin (Nook version). Somehow Dolphin unarchived itself (or I goofed up?), and I've now archived it again. Twitter and Spotify I can't archive, being system apps.


      I haven't worried much about it, but I would still appreciate advice on the best "strategy" to stop this. 


      I may have answered my own question in the edits nelow, but I'd still appreciated other users' view on this! There may be better ways to do it!


      Edit: I re-archived Dolphin, rebooted the HD and it kept just the Play version. So all good there. Meaning my only problems now are Twitter and Spotify. Sort of annoying since I don't even use them... Well, well, I'm pretty fortunate to not have worse things to worry about, wouldn't you say?! :smileywink:


      Edit again: I went into Play, My apps; Twitter, tapped "3 dots top right" and found a check mark for "auto update" that I could uncheck. Hope that does the trick! When you install apps manually ususally you can uncheck that prior to installing, but since these came pre-installed that option wasn't availble.
      I have also edited my profile so the apps I don't use donät show up in my app list.


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          I also had this same problem with twitter.  I went into the play store and installed the app tweetcaster which is twitter by another name.  Since the nook doesn't recognize it as the same app twitter it has not disappeared.

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            One thing to do is turn off autoupdating apps on wifi in Google Play, and go to each app that you have a nook equivalent already installed and uncheck the autoupdate box if youd rather use the Nook version..


            The nook will not replace apps with the play version without asking but it will complain about it already being there..  and by telling play not to try updating that app, you break the loop.. 


            Still needs a better sofware resolution but its a decent workaround..


            And to "fix" the nook version apps.. just archive/send to cloud and restore.. Though if its Angry Birds youll lose your place in the games..

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              I too had this problem, but I hope I found the solution. In my case Twitter isn't even showing in the Apps folder, even though when I try updating it via Google Play it tells me it is present.


              The Nook version is 4.0.1 and the Google Play version is 4.0.3, so I wanted to go with the GP one. After having it loop for a while I disabled the automatic updating within Google Play and uninstalled Twitter by going into the Nook Settings Menu, Applications and uninstalling Twitter there.


              I thought then that I'd be OK to reinstall from Google Play, but the fun started all over again, albeit manually this time since the automatic updating was now disabled. After reading the tips here regarding archiving the app, I figured I'd try that, but Twitter isn't showing in the Nook Apps folder.


              On a hunch, I went to my My Library and chose to archive it there since I can't do it from the Nook HD+ itself. I'll give this another try with the hope that this is how I can resolve it.

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                  Deoren Twitter is a bit different in that its a built in app on the nook hd and the os treats it somewhat differently than a purchased nook app. It may not archive or uninstall right even if it appears to. This can be a problem on even phones and other google devices with even the base google apps. Bn has to fix it and you'll need to go with their app for now... unless you use a third party twitter app like Plume
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                  What I want to know is which version is better? I would think that the nook version would be best as I assume it is specifically optimized for the nook HD +. Thoughts?