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    Nook HD+ Startup Issue

      My nook was working fine all the way through when I first got it until this evening. I unplugged it so I could head home and my nook won't go past the upside down U symbol. It stops at 99% and never goes past that. Additionally, the 99% on the screen is blinking; I've never seen that before. Does anyone know what caused this or how to fix it? I do have the warranty but I don't want to lose all my books :smileysad: I have over 1000 that aren't on the nook cloud.

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          Try the following.


          First: Leave the Nook plugged in over night.


          It doesn't matter whether it's off or on. Just leave it plugged in.


          Second: Press and hold 'power button' for 30 seconds. Then press and hold power button for 4 seconds.


          Third: Press and hold power button and physical 'n' button for 30 seconds.




          It seems that your Nook was in the process of updating and got stuck. Biggest thing is to leave it be when it restarts and when its charging. Just let it be for a bit.