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    moving content to SDcard

      On my Android phone and on my wife's Samsung tablet there are programs that allow you to move apps to the SD card and free up space on the internal memory.


      Tried one on the new 2.1.0 build for the HD plus and get message stating that this can not be done.


      Anyone know of a way to do this?

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          Are you trying to move Nook apps to the card or Play apps? As far as I know, the Nook apps are non-moveable. You should be able to install most Play apps directly to the card though. It's in the settings.


          My Nook HD+ has been semi rooted since I got it, but I was never able to move Nook installed or installed secondary from the Nook market to the card. Only the Play apps.

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              I was just reviewing the owners manual for the Nook HD on the BN website. It looks like it has been updated with some information for the most recent update (2.1) There is information about Chrome browser, etc.


              When reading the SD card section which starts on page 107 it says the following:

                                        The number of periodicals you can store on card depends on the size

                                         of the periodicals and the amount of storage on the card. Digital

                                        magazines and newspapers vary dramatically in size. Some highly interactive,      photo-rich magazines can reach 1 GB each.


              Does this mean we can start storing magazines on the SD card? Is this only if they are purchased through Google Play or will I be able to move magazines over that I purchased through the Nook shop?


              Thanks for your help

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                It doesn't matter, whatever I can move.  I forsee more google play apps than bn apps.


                I looked in settings and can not find anything about where to store apps, only defalt for videos.

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                    I believe some of the GP app managers allow moving apps to the card, I could do it in CM7 on my NC - will check the app I used when I have it available this evening. I was about to start a thread asking for recommendations on file and app managers since we now have so many available.
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                  derfFl - Apps bought from Nook App Store can't be moved to SD Card.


                  Apps from Google Play should be movable. Only hitch I can think of is if the Nook uses a custom App Manager (program that launches apps) and it only supports starting Apps from device.


                  In that case you'll have to get something like Aico File Manager or ES File Explorer or some App Manager and Launcher that'll let you store apps to SD Card and launch from SD Card.


                  That might work (but I don't know 100%).