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    Do Amazon apps and NY Times work on Nook now?

      I don't have a Nook yet, partly because I get most of my music and movies from the Amazon Music and Video stores.  Are these stores now available on the Nook through Google Play?  Can one watch movies purchased through the Amazon video store on a Nook?


      Also, I am a paper edition subscriber to the New York Times.  That allows me free digital access but that did not work with the Nook NY Times app.  It does work with the Google Play NY Times app.  So can I now read the NY Times using the Google Play app on the Nook and not have to pay extra beyond my print subscription?


      Affirmative answers to these questions might bring me to purchase a Nook.



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          Yes, the amazon music store app is available now through Google Play. You have always been able, though, to download music and video (streaming only on video) purchased from Amazon to the Tablet and HD via the Nook browser.


          Of course, the video was only available in SD, and I believe that continues to be the case.The kindle app for android is also now available through Google Play.You will have to download a browser that plays flash, though, as the new stock browser is Chrome, which willnot play the amazon video.