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    FAQ about Google Play on Nook HD and HD+

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      HEre's the stuff from the official Help Page:


      Ver.2.1 Update with Google Play

      1. What Google apps come preinstalled with software version 2.1?
      • Gmail™ - Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, effective, and useful.
      • Google Chrome™ - Browse fast and sign in to your Chrome experience from your NOOK, anywhere you go.
      • Google Maps™ - Navigate your world with Google Maps. Get comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use maps with built-in Google local search.
      • Google Search™ - The fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the Web.
      • Google Settings - an app that opens a menu with shortcuts for connecting to Google services and configuring location services.
      • Google Talk™ - Chat with friends and family on the internet using Google Chat.
      • Google Voice Search™ - Search the Web by voice and control your NOOK with Voice Actions.
      • Google+™ - Stay connected and share life as it happens with Google+.
      • Play Books - Access to books from Google Play.
      • Play Magazines - Magazines from Google Play
      • Play Movies & TV - Choose from thousands of movies and TV shows on Google Play and stream them instantly on your NOOK.
      • Play Music - Buy now, listen now, sync never, with music on Google Play.
      • Play Store - Google Play is music, books, magazines, movies, TV shows, and apps, available anywhere you go.
      • YouTube™ - Discover and watch your favorite videos and channels on YouTube. The apps listed above are included in your NOOK® software.
      In addition, you may purchase additional Android apps from the Google Play Store.
      2. What is Google Chrome?
      Google Chrome is the default web browser on your NOOK. It allows you to browse fast and sign in to bring your Chrome experience from your computer to your phone and tablet. Pages load in a snap and hardware-accelerated page rendering lets you fly through long pages. Search and navigate from the same box. Access tabs you have open on your computer, on your phone or tablet, and pick-up where you left off.
      3. How do I launch the Google Chrome Web browser?
      On the NOOK Home Screen, tap the Web button; or in the Apps section of the Library, tap the app icon for Chrome.
      4. How do I transfer bookmarks from NOOK Web browser to Google Chrome?
      The first time you launch Chrome, you will be prompted to import any NOOK Web browser book¬marks before you sign in to Chrome. We recommend that you import your NOOK book¬marks before signing in to your Google account for the first time in Chrome, since logging into Google will give you the opportunity to import your Google bookmarks but not your NOOK bookmarks.
      5. Can I disable Google Chrome Web browser access for my children?
      Yes. To disable the Web browser:
      1. In the upper left corner of the Home Screen, tap the icon for the profile currently being displayed. 2. Under Your Primary or Adult NOOK Profile, tap Edit Profiles. 3. Tap the desired child profile. 4. Tap Change parental controls. 5. Tap to uncheck the checkbox labeled Use the Chrome™ web browser. 6. Tap Done.
      6. Can I disable Google apps access for my children?
      Yes. To disable the Google App access:
      1. In the upper left corner of the Home Screen, tap the icon for the profile currently being displayed. 2. Under Your Primary or Adult NOOK Profile, tap Edit Profiles. 3. Tap the desired child profile. 4. Tap Manage content. 5. Tap Apps. 6. Tap the desired Google App to uncheck the checkbox. 7. Tap Save.
      7. What is a Google Account?
      A Google Account is a single sign-in system that provides access to free Google products like Gmail, Google Play, Chrome and YouTube. You can set up a free Google account either at www.google.com or within a Google Play app.
      8. If I have purchased an App from the NOOK Store, do I need to purchase the same app from the Google Play store?
      If you already have an app from the NOOK Store, the app icon on your device will display a small NOOK logo, you do not need to purchase the same app from Google Play.
      9. What happens to the NOOK Store? Can I still buy content (apps, etc) from the NOOK Store?
      Yes, the NOOK Store will remain unchanged. Customers can continue to browse and shop for content, including books, apps, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, movies and TV shows on their device or on-line at BN.com using their existing (or newly set-up) BN account. On your NOOK, tap the SHOP button on the Home screen to shop from the NOOK Store.
      10. Can I use my BN.com or NOOK account to buy content from Google Play?
      No. A customer’s BN.com or NOOK account can only be used to make purchases from the NOOK Store; and it cannot be used for any transaction at Google Play. You must set-up a Google account to purchase apps and other content from Google Play.
      11. What is Google Play?
      Google Play is a digital content experience from Google where you can find and enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books, magazines, and Android apps and games. You can access your Google content on your NOOK, as well as on your computer and other Google Play enabled phones and tablets.
      12. How do I use Google Play?
      To purchase and access Google Play content, you need to have a Google account. You can set up a free Google account either at www.google.com or within a Google Play app. To purchase Google Play content, you will need to set up a credit card in your Google account. Launch the Play Store app for instructions to enter your credit card information.
      13. How do I update Android Apps from Google Play?
      To check for new versions of downloaded Android apps:
      1. On the Home Screen tap APPS. 2. Tap Play Store. 3. Go to My apps. Items with a new version available will be labeled Update available.
      NOTE: You can also update apps automatically as new versions become available. To enable or disable this feature, tap the checkbox labeled Allow automatic updating on each app page in Google Play.
      14. How do I uninstall Android Apps on my NOOK that were downloaded from Google Play?
      To uninstall an Android app:
      1. On the Home Screen tap APPS. 2. Locate the app you would like to uninstall. 3. Press and hold on the desired app. 4. Tap Uninstall.
      NOTE: If Uninstall is not available, the app is likely a system app that cannot be removed from the device.
      15. I am having a problem with Google Play. What should I do?
      You can visit the Google Play known issues webpage to find out if your problem is a known issue. If the problem is listed there, Google is aware of it and is working to fix it as soon as possible. If you've found a new problem that's not listed on their Known Issues page, let them know and they’ll investigate.
      16. Who should I contact if I have a problem with an app from Google Play?
      Please contact the developer of the application directly. Developer support information is available on the app details page in the Developer section of the Overview. This information is accessible both in Shop and through the installed apps on the device.
      17. Can I get a refund for an app purchased through Google Play?
      You can return a Google Play app purchase 15 minutes from the time of download for a full refund.
      NOTE: For in-app purchases, all refunds are at the discretion of the developer.
      18. Can I get a refund for an app purchased through the NOOK Store?
      App purchases in the NOOK Store cannot be canceled for refund. If you are having problems with an app, please contact the developer. If you have questions regarding the purchase of an app in the NOOK Store, please contact NOOK Customer Service.
      19. How can I tell the difference between NOOK Apps and Google Play Apps on my NOOK?
      On your Home screen and in your Library, NOOK apps are marked with a small green NOOK logo in the upper right corner.
      20. If an app is available in the NOOK Store and Google Play, where should I purchase from?
      The customer now has 2 options to purchase content from for their NOOK – either from the NOOK Store or Google Play. An important distinction is that apps in Google Play are likely not tested and / or tailored for NOOK. In contrast, NOOK Apps are tested and approved by Barnes & Noble for use on a NOOK device, in addition to being optimized for your NOOK by the app developer.
      21. Where is the NOOK Music Player?
      NOOK Music Player has been replaced by the Play Music app in software version 2.1. The Play Music app gives you access to listen to music from Google Play. And it will also play any music files that you have sideloaded on your NOOK. To access the Google Play Music app:
      1. Tap APPS on your Home screen. 2. Tap Play Music.
      22. What is Google Voice Search?
      Google Voice Search allows you to search the Web by speech. You can use this feature to obtain weather and traffic conditions or updates on your favorite sports teams and breaking news stories. To access Voice Search:
      1. Tap APPS on your Home screen. 2. Tap Voice Search.
      23. Do Android Apps work with Google location services?
      Rather than using GPS, you can let some Google apps use Wi-Fi® data to deter¬mine your approximate location. This capability may be useful for local searches and other services. To enable or disable this feature: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Tap Location Services. 3. Tap the checkbox labeled Location & Google search.
      24. I purchased a book, magazine, or movie from Google Play. Why don’t I see it in my NOOK Library?
      Most Google Play content, such as books, magazines, movies, and music will not appear in your NOOK Library, but will be available in the specific Play apps for that content. However, apps that are purchased from Google Play will appear on your Home screen and in your Library. For example, to access Google Books™ purchases:
      1. Tap APPS on your Home screen. 2. Tap Play Books.
      25. How do I enter a payment method to make purchases through Google Play?
      If you do not have a payment method selected for your Google account, you will be prompted to add one during checkout. You can also manage your payment method online at https://wallet.google.com/manage. All purchases for Android apps on Google Play can be made using accepted credit/debit/gift cards.
      26. What does the Your Lookups app do?
      This NOOK App lists all the words you have looked up in NOOK Books. You can also easily enter and look-up words directly in the built-in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition using this app.
      27. What does the Your Highlights & Notes app do?
      This NOOK App lists all the highlights and notes you have added to NOOK Books in one location.
      28. Can I purchase apps for NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet from Google Play?
      No. Apps for NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet are available only from the NOOK Store, which also includes apps tailored and tested for NOOK HD and HD+.
      29. I want to purchase an app and have it available on all of my NOOK devices. Where should I buy it?
      Only apps purchased from the NOOK Store, and those that are compatible with multiple NOOK models, can be installed on all of your NOOK tablets, such as NOOK Color™, NOOK Tablet™, NOOK® HD and NOOK® HD+.
      30. Will all apps on Google Play work with NOOK?
      Not all apps available on Google Play are compatible with NOOK HD or NOOK HD+. Google Play will not allow you to purchase or download an app that is not compatible with or will not work on your NOOK device. If you are using the Google Play web store, you can determine if an app is compatible with your NOOK by checking the compatible devices list.