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    Can't Find Apps in Store

      Why can't I find applications or games in the Nook store?


      I have a Nook HDplus that I acquired in November/December, 2012. The software is version 2.2.0. When I go online to look up apps/games, I find lists (with recommendations) and I immediately go looking for the app in the "Shop" link on my tablet. My internet connection is working. I can get lists and I can load search results, but I cannot find the particular apps that I'm looking for. This is a regular problem but an inconsistent one; I often can't find the app I want, but sometimes I can. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it.


      Is there something wrong my Nook or my account? Do I need to upgrade the software? Or is it just coincidence, like the app I'm looking for isn't actually available anymore?