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    Software 2.1.0

      Two issues with 2.1.0 upgrade.


      1.  Bookmarks do not work with secure websites beginning with "https://".

      2.  As expected, sites that require Flash Player are now silent.


      The first shortcoming has a simple workaround.  Use the "Contacts" app to create a convenient "Name"; then copy and paste the URL into the "Website" field.  The browser will launch from the "Contact > Website" field.


      I can no longer listen to two relatively important sites with Flash Player absent, and it will be sorely missed!


      However, by acknowledging the need for a more open HD device, BN has allowed me to load the "HanDBase" database app on the Nook HD.  Now I can avoid purchasing the Google Nexus 7, because I use databases whenever possible.  Moreover, I have already setup my network printer and used Google to print a file from my Nook HD.


      BN marketing managers, thanks for listening to customers!