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    left side of keyboard not working

      I've seen this issue mentioned in other posts, but nothing with a solution ...


      After rooting my Nook Color and then deciding to go back to stock, the q a w z and comma key no longer work. The presents a problem when it comes time to register the device. I don't have a screen protector and have made sure the screen is clean.


      I've done the various forms of factory reset, including the 8-interrupt and manually installing 1.4.3. I'm about to try to install 1.1.0 because, heck, why not, can't hurt ... but figured I'd check to see if there's some known fix that google hasn't turned up.


      If was just the spots on the left side, I'd figure some actual problem with the screen, but the comma key is also non-responsive.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.



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          The keyboard was fine on the alternate firmware? You could try another keyboard, if you can get that far. There are touch screen testers you could use to verify the screen is recognizing touches, though you're back to rooting to do that. 

          Booting off a card will at least let you test without wiping anything. Assuming that works, 
          other than a full wipe-and-reload, nothing else comes to mind for B&N firmware. 
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              When you say full wipe and reload ... I thought I had done that with the interrupt method and then sideloading 1.4.3. Is there another way to accomplish that?

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                  When changing firmware, especially between radically different firmware such as you have done, it's a good idea to wipe the data and cache partitions as well. I'm a little rusty with the procedure lately, but I recall going into the Wipe menu on ClockworkMod to do this. If you don't, configuration leftovers may remain that can cause all sorts of weirdness.


                  You might have done this, I don't know. I do know that, unless you specifically tell it to wipe data & cache (I think that's all you need), it usually won't when loading new firmware.