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    How to install CyaongenMod on Nook HD+

      Back story:  Purchased my mothers first Tablet (Nook HD+) back in 2012 in November.  Exchanged the device once, exchanged the charging cable and power supply twice because they were defective within a month of use.  She had a total of 5 factory resets, and the battery is not so great.  Probably only gives about 5 hours of internet + movies playback with the screen brightness set to 50%.  Despite all that she has loved her tablet and used it for a minimum of 3 hours a day (usually more.)  She doesn't purchase apps, she enjoys her free games and puzzles.


      I use it to watch movies through VLC player (Android Beta version) and web surfing.  I myself do not purchase apps.  However, what bothered me was that many of the Google play store apps I wanted, the device would not let me install.  Free fox sports apps so I could watch the MLB World Series live, my local news group & weather apps, that were offered for ipad, Google, and Kindle were not supported by the Nook HD+ even though they were offered on the Google Play store.


      I just bought her an ipad Air 2 for Christmas, and now I have inherited the Nook HD+, I want to use CyaongenMod v.12 using a 64GB micro sd card.  I have seen the cards being sold on Amazon with the AndroidForNook sdcards, but I want to use my own card.  As those are only in 32GB and I need more storage for my movies book, and documents.


      Is it hard to install CyaongenMod on Nook HD+ with micro SD card?

      Will I still be able to run/boot to the default Nook HD+ Android skin when I take the sd card out?

      Once I install CyaongenMod will I be able to download all the apps from Google Play Store that I couldn't install before due to B&N limitation on the Nook HD+ device?


      Any advice would be much appreciated.  I really don't want to let this device go to waist.

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          If you truly want to install CM on your HD+, go all of the way and install it internally rather than running it from an SD card.  It is possible to run CM by creating a dual boot card yourself, but it's way easier and less challenging buying a product.  And using anything but a SanDisk class 4 card will likely be problematic.  CM/Android does not like the timing and memory access specs of other cards.


          AndroidForNook.com sells both a dual boot card for the HD+ (which allows booting back and forth between CM and stock Nook) and a "Recovery Plus" card (which installs CM but also allows you to recover back to stock Nook; this is not sold through Amazon, just the dual boot product is).  (See AndroidForNook.com.)  Both are available for download or purchased SD.  Once you install the Recovery Plus product, you can then use whatever card you want to store you content.  This is what I would recommend.


          If you download the Recovery Plus product, you can install it on your card (I recommend you get an 8Mb card; they're cheap these days and will then allow you to recover to stock Nook easily by not re-using the card for content storage) and load CM onto the HD+.  You can then reformat the card for whatever use you have.  Alternatively, you can get the dual boot card.  I used that product for almost two years and recently installed AFN' Recovery Plus KitKat to the Nook itself.  It runs WAY faster and smoother.


          To answer your specific questions:

          Is it hard to install CyaongenMod on Nook HD+ with micro SD card?  Yes, if you build the card yourself from CM files.  No, if you guy a product from AFN or another vendor.

          Will I still be able to run/boot to the default Nook HD+ Android skin when I take the sd card out?  Yes, for the dual-boot product.  No, for the Recovery Plus install (but you won't want to go back to stock Nook once you have the experience of full CM Android).

          Once I install CyaongenMod will I be able to download all the apps from Google Play Store that I couldn't install before due to B&N limitation on the Nook HD+ device?  Yes (mostly) although a few (like the Nook Reader for Android App which allows access to your Nook library content) is not compatible, but AFN provides a copy of the app for you to install directly that does work fine.


          P.S. I am not an employee of AndroidForNook.com.  I am just a very happy customer!

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            I vouch for AFN, too.

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              Thank you very much for the help and advise.  I think I will get the Recovery plus product.  I am curious is there any difficulty downloading the mod myself on my own pc, or is it better to mail it in to them and have them do it?  Are there any special instructions other than click, drag, and dropping a file over to the sd card?

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                Its great that you vouch for them it gives me confidence in their product.  Have you ever had any issues with the product that required customer service, if so how was there customer service?

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                  I downloaded AndroidForNook ("AFN") software to dual-boot my NOOK Tablet 16G ("NT") soon after Barnes&Noble ("BN")'s @#$%!!! infamous over-the-air 1.4.1 "update" hobbled my lovely early Christmas gift. The downgrade "update" locked the NT's bootloader and thereby prevented the installation of new or updating of previously-installed third-party apps. Including one of the most important apps for library patrons like me: OverDrive (which at that time was unavailable in the sparsely stocked NOOK Prison Store). Bah, humbug!


                  I conducted some research, and found:

                  (1) Many people - including developers whose instructions and software downloads affected many others - were using faulty software or procedures that either "bricked" NT's or caused unexpected, unwanted behaviors, and

                  (2) AFN's products, instructions, terms of service, and customer service were all highly rated and superior to AFN's competitors'


                  So, I happily paid AFN to download the software necessary to create a dual-boot card, followed Dean (the founder/principal proprietor)'s well-written, easy-peasy instructions to the letter, et voila!, after installing the card to my NT, I could easily boot into NOOK's native Operating System ("OS") or Android OS at will, without breaking warranty!  I encountered no problems but did have other questions about dual-booting in general (e.g., "Is my device 'rooted' while booted into Android mode?", and if so, "Can I use the Titanium app to back up my content and settings in Android mode?" The short answer to both questions is "Yes"). 



                  I posed some questions in the very useful AFN Forum and others via email correspondence with Dean. Dean's replies via both venues have always been prompt, fully responsive, extremely informative, and helpful.  Additionally, I have also enjoyed and learned a lot from participating in the well-moderated, user-friendly AFN forums. [Take a cue, BN Nook Division!]


                  Also, I've seen in the AFN forums questions from some participants who either: (1) didn't follow instructions, (2) didn't buy one of the recommended microSD cards on which to load the product and, consequently, were experiencing problems, or (3) seemed extremely unsavvy or insecure. Dean sometimes told those folks to either send him their card for him to load for them or to buy a pre-loaded card from him so he could load the software for them.  I've never, however, seen anywhere, any posts by anyone who AFN left unsatisfied or unenthusiastic about AFN and about Dean.

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                    The download is a setup file that guides you fully through the process of loading your own card.  It includes full instructions with screen shots.  Make sure you use the recommended card:  SanDisk Class 4 only.   (You only need a 8GB card.)  Android doesn't like other makes/classes of cards. 

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                      I highly recommend using a 16G or even better, a 32G card, as it will have to accommodate the OS files you will download from AFN, all apps, and all content.

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                        This would be the case if you order the dual-boot card (although with that you would also have the internal Nook storage in addition to the SD card).  But for the Recovery Plus card (which is to what I was referring) the card itself is only used for loading the software into the Nook internal memory (and making a backup of it either before or after that happens).  You then remove the card and can use any other card for the full SD storage.

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                          I appreciate the both of you going back and forth like this it assures me that the product actually works.  I've just thought of some more questions.  Will I be sacrificing anything by way of features on stock nook HD+ if I switch over to CyaongenMod?


                          For instance I am very familiar with the user interface of Nook and I don't mind it.  What will CyaongenMod UI be like, is it better, is it stock Android?


                          Also, is it worth getting CyaongenMod right now for KitKat 4.4.2 when Android Lollypop OS has just been released?


                          I was reading on the AFN website and they mention that some of the Nook tablets experiences some trouble, such as losing the ability to use the mic on skype, Does this happen with the Nook HD+?


                          I understand from your previous posts that using CyaongenMod allows me to use the dozens of free apps that are not supported by nook HD+ which allows me to use the full potential of the device.  However, what are some of the cons to switching to CyaongenMod?

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                            I don't believe any of the "lost" features are such that there are ways to do the same thing running CM.  The stock UI is simply a launcher from B&N.  You can actually install (on both stock and CM) other launchers today from Google Play (e.g. Go Launcher, which I use) that allow greater flexibility, customization, and functionality.  Once you use a different launcher you will never miss the look, feel and functionality of stock Nook.  The other launchers are more like the desktop you are familiar with on your PC or Mac.


                            The current AFN CM is version 4.4.4.  A stable Lollypop is under development but will likely be awhile before it is released. AFN updates all "family" versions (e.g. KitKat 4.4.2 to 4.4.4) for free for one year, and at the cost of a download (currently $10.79) upgrading to Lollypop when it is released isn't a huge hit.  And remember you'll never get any upgrades to Lollypop on the stock Nook from B&N.


                            I am not aware of any mic problems on the HD+.  I couldn't find any mentioned on the forum with Skype issues for the HD+, only for the Nook Tablet which I think may have be resolved in the current build. (I don't use Skype so I can't say with certainty.)


                            I don't see any cons of switching to CM, especially KitKat 4.4.4 installed into internal memory using the Recovery Plus product.  It runs more quickly and smoothly than stock B&N on the HD+, allows far, far greater customization and the ability to set options (like quick launch panels, notifications, soft buttons for home, back, menus, settings, etc.).  The Nook for Android reader app works great interacting fully with B&N to read and buy content.  (B&N has marked this app "not compatible" in Google Play but AFN provides the file for installation and it works fine.)  Two of the things I truly dislike about stock B&N is the inability to change settings (look and feel/functionality) because the are not visible) and load more apps.  These two issues go away with CM.

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                              The only "con" I can think of would be this: you can't buy or use NOOK apps outside of the NOOK OS, so you won't be able to use any NOOK apps you purchased.


                              Of course, that's no biggie for free apps, because you can get those elsewhere; in fact, I prefer getting apps from the  Google Play Store because - unlike NOOK Store apps -I move many Google Play apps to my SD card. If that's a problem, then you can buy a dual-boot AFN card so you can have your cake (NOOK OS) and eat it, to boot (CM).

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                                I bought a Nook Color,  HD, and HD+ as soon as they were released in full faith of the guys at xda fixing things asap. They did and still are.

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                                  I concur. I used the excellent guide over at xda (search for cm11 install for dummies). I rooted, installed cm11 internal, and never looked back. The apps from bn can be saved if you extract them first with one of the apps from the play store.

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                                    AndroidForNook (AFN) also sells Recovery Plus cards. The same reasons I delineated above for preferring AFN to any other source apply equally to this product.

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