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    Google app Play music

      The Google app "play musci" is not installing all of the way on my Nook HD.  Any answers out there.  Other than that I am more than pleased with the Nook update to include the play store.

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          Alex Garcia

          Play music is preloaded, so you shouldn't need to install anything.


          What is happening when you try to load the app?



          - Alex

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            I'm having the same issue, Alex.


            I did think it was weird that GPM wasn't preinstalled (since it's a core GP app it's always supposed to be preloaded with the licence). But I hopped over to the GPS and tried to install. And it's stuck in a loop. The app downloads, tries to install, then goes back to asking me to download. So something is preventing it from installing.

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              Same thing here. I tried clearing the data and cache from the app but that didnt work. Then i hit "disable" and play music completely disappeared. I assumed you could re-enable it, but its nowhere to be found under my apps. When i tried redownloading/reinstalling nothing happened - same looping install message and no play music.


              I imagine some glitches were to be expected from an update like this, but can we expect a patch or some fix to some of these issues in the next week or so?

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                I thought about disabling it too, but I guess now I won't.
                My husband says just wait and see if they do something.
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                  Update: Ok so I found play music at the very bottom of the apps list, and after some finagling, re-enabled it. It didnt fix anything though. 


                  Not sure if this has anything to do with anything, but when I go to account settings (under all settings) and click on the google account, there is no option to sync play music, even though the program is technically installed on the device. On my android phone, syncing play music is an option along with movies & tv, contacts, calendars, etc. 


                  Oh well, hope some of these issues are fixed soon.

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                    I gave up and downloaded Rocket. It works well.  It has equalizer profiles that I feel definitely improve the sound. You can assign different profiles to different songs. 

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                      I do not have much music yet so for now I just go into the Play Store and search for one of the albums I have purchased back when. After it finds it, I just play that music.


                      But I see the icon when I launch using Nova instead. Weird!

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                        Play books app wil let me read a free book I chose to try it out. Play Movies & TV app will let me play a cheap movie I rented to try it out. Play Music will only play the music I already have on my SD card. The song I bought to try the app does not show up at all. Now when I click on Play Store -> Music -> Play icon, I get a message that says Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped and I get bounced back to my Nook HD's Apps screen. So I tried Play Store -> Music -> Search and searched the song I bought and it said I had to install the updated Play Music app from the Google Play Store. So I did and then the app disappeared altogether. So I installed it again. Nuthin. I refreshed, I restarted, app is not there. In order to listen to one of my old songs now I have to bring up my SD files, click on one song and can play that one song. The playlists I had working before I "updated" the Play Music app are now gone and I can't figure out how to make a new one and when I go back into the Play Store and search for the song I bought, again, it tells me that I can't listen to it unless the updated app is installed. Nothing should be this much trouble.

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                          I downloaded the synctunes wireless free from the google play store, you can get to google play music through it.

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                            Yeah i tried listening to a song i bought from PM earlier today (purchased from my phone) and it takes me to the install screen for PM. I can listen to a preview of any song in the store, but that doesnt require PM being launched.


                            I dont have any sideloaded songs, but i imagine locating and opening them would work to get the app to show up, but thats a pain when the point, and advantage of PM, is that i can listen to or redownload any previously purchased music on any android device my google acct is linked to. Any android device but the nook...and i dont think songs purchased in PM will play in another program due to drm or other restrictions.


                            Its not a huge deal, but it would be a plus if this could be fixed.

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                              Ok, I have downloaded the Google Play Music app, and it just keeps looping into the "installing" mode.  I go in and it is not on my "apps" page, but when I go into the settings and look at the apps through settings, I see it, but it is not working.  I see a few others with the same problem.  Do we have a fix for this yet?  Also, there is no way to uninstall it to get clean install...hmmmm.  Any one who has this up and running on the HD+, please tell us what you did to get it working.  Thanks all. 

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                                I was checking my husband's Nook HD+ and Google Play Music did install properly and is working.  My best guess is that maybe there is some incompatibility with other apps I have installed.  He only has a few apps and I have quite a few.  This is the only difference I can see.  Interesting.


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                                  Screw the widget workaround. Major update from google 2 days ago and I still can't install. Problem is now clearly known to B&N. Please fix it! I did not buy this thing to resort to tricks and workarounds for major features of the newly available google play store!

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                                    +1 I'm also experiecing this issue like many others have mentioned. In addition to GPM, Twittter is another app that loses its icon on update/installation.
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