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    Can't view HBO GO on NOOK HD+   Please Help

      I have an HD+, and cannot get to the HBO GO login. I've downloaded Dolphin, and in Menu, Settings, set the User Agent to Desktop, and for WebContent the Flash Player is set to Always on (I also tried On Demand with the same results). This takes me to an HBO GO webpage that says "You need Adobe Flash Player 10.2 to view HBO GO". This is confusing, since the Dolphin Browser already has Flash. 


      I then went to the Adobe site to download Flash Player. I downloaded it, and then got the message "Install Blocked. For security, your NOOK is set to block installation of applications not obtained from the NOOK app store".


      Then I went to the NOOK app store, and don't see Flash Player. Very frustrated!


      I know some about my Windows computers, but am a novice with other devices.