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    two accounts one nook

      I looked and searched before posing this question. I have seen many with multiple nooks and one account but I have two accounts and one nook hd+. I set up an adult profile but it does not seem to have an option to log that profile into a seperate account. Any help is appreciated.
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          You can't register a device to two accounts. You would have to unregister it from the first account and register it to the 2nd account. You'd lose all the the books from the first account when you did this. You could register it to one account and sideload the books from the 2nd account.
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            What bklvr said.


            The 'accounts' that HD provides are all under 1 main 'B&N account'.


            There's no provision to have SEPARATE B&N accounts on one device.

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              I have done this for customers a few times, its an exception to the rules, not something we advertise,  but if you go in to a store and explain the situation to the Nook person, they can call customer support for you. Bring the nook and also have handy the email addresses, passwords and credit cards on both accounts. Pick which account you want to be your permanent account. The Nook person can call customer support and ask to speak to a higher level tech support person than normal, like a supervisor and explain for the customer what they want, which is to transfer all the books from one account to the other, then delete the old account. This has high fraud/security potential and is apparently a pain to do on their end, but it IS possible, I have done it on five separate occasions. The customer has to be there to verify over the phone who they are and the address/credit cards on both accounts before they will attempt it.  If they say they can't, they are lying or misinformed as to their own capabilities. Just keep asking to speak to someone higer up. This is not someting I was taught, I happened to ask this while on a customer service call and a nicer tech support person informed me it was possible just rarely done.


              Once the procedure is done, all the books should start popping up on your nook in the correct account after a refresh and you can use different profiles however you wish. It may take a few days for all the books to pop up due to networking difficulties.


              Hope this helps!

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                Thanks TriscuitCracker, good to know.


                Here is what I really want from the HD and its profiles.


                I currently administer 3 full nook accounts, mine, son's, daughter's (My credit card is in the account, you bet I'm having full access).


                I would like to set up my account in the HD as owner/parent/admin, I would like to be able to set up each of the kid's accounts under their name and link to their nook accounts. Basically each person with a profile on the device would have to enter a password to log on to get access to their stuff.


                I understand this is not how it works, but a mom can dream, right?

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                  This is what my and my Father's understadning was about the new HD and HD+.   Unfortunately, we found out that we were mislead not only by the advertisements but by the NOOK techs as well.   What we believe is the issue is the misunderstanding of terms from other people believing to be smarter than everyone else.   What we have decided that we are going to have to do, until Barnes and Noble or whatever developer is in charge of the programming for the NOOK franchise,is to do like what you are currently doing or to have one credit card but mulitiple NOOKs.   We understand your frustration as we are currently as frustrated as you for being mislead!

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                    In my case it is not where the other person who i am sharing with would have the same credit card/payment. My roommate wanted to try a nook book with enhanced content before buying a newer nook. She has n1e. I told her that it had the ability for seperate profiles and she was welcome to use my nook. Once we found that there was not a way to add her account she bought an HD off QVC it was a great deal of $169 16gb with apps & extra content + cover. i would ask barnes and noble to consider letting each profile have their own accounts in the future. 

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                      You should add it to the Issues Reporting Forum as a suggestion - http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-Issue-Reporting/idb-p/newNOOIssueReporting