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    SD Card is no longer recognized by Nook HD

      I formatted and uploaded some movies to a micro SD card.  It was working properly for months.  Now the Nook is not recognizing that the SD card is in the slot.  When I eject and put it back in I get the message, "Preparing SD card, Checking for errors." but nothing else ever happens.  Any ideas?


      ETA: When plugged into my computer, the computer recognizes and reads the SD card in the Nook so the card in and of itself is not bad.

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          My Nook has been nearly problem free since I bought it (and the SD card) in October. For the last week I've been having card issues. A bright blue sd card outline comes up in the middle of the screen every time I unlock it or even turn it on, half the time it doesn't recognize the files on my card and I have a notification symbol at the top ALL the time reminding me 'SD card blank or has unsupported file system'. Funny thing is, NOTHING has changed. No new uploads, it hadn't been turned off before this started happening and everything is exactly as it has been for the last few months. I've taken the card out a couple of times, turned it on and off but am afraid to do much more to it since it is working alright half the time. I really don't want to lose all my shelves again after they've been reliable for nearly 4 months. Are these normal Nook or SD glitches we're experiencing?
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            Heather, what happens when you tap on the Notification. Just tap on it and it should go away and then you should be able to see the SD Card. There's a known issue where that notification stays forever (unless you make it go away yourself).