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    Not Again, This is Crazy!!

      Well, here we go again, I have been double charged for an ebook!  This is the second time this month that this has happened.  I don't understand the problem with them charging two of my gift cards the same amount for one book.


      My confidence is shattered and I don't know what to do about all of this.  I just don't understand when/why this began happening, but I have been carefully watching by balance since the last debacle.  I purchased an ebook for $5.99 and with taxes that brought the purchase to $6.48.  However, that amount was taken out of abc and xyz gift cards.


      I've sent an email to B&N, so we'll see what happens, again.  I've asked them how we can resolve this issue,so wish me luck.  I guess I'll have to strictly purchase my ebooks from another source, which I'd rather not, by the way, but this is ridiculous to have to go through this wih B&N.

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          do you know, if by chance, the two gift cards were purchased at the same time?  The confusion may be that B&N is seeing the two cards as linked in some fashion.



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            This happened to me once and I called CS and they fixed the prob asap.

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                Why are both gift cards even registered to your account at the same time? Why not use just one at a time. When one runs out of funds, apply the other. You wouldn't be having problems like this then, right? 

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                    Celandinehobbit, the policy at B&N allows up to 3 gift cards at a time. This is a recent issue and hasn't happened in the 3+ years that I've owned a Nook of some sort. Friends and family are always giving me gift cards for my obsession :smileyhappy: Never had a problem before and since they are calling these extra charges "preauthorizations", who's to say that they won't charge your one gift card and your credit card? I'm doing what I'm supposed to do in regards to putting the gift card on my account, the truth is, none of this preauthorization business makes any sense at all; who has heard of such a thing for a gift card anyway? I do have a credit card connected to my online account, so I don't understand how or why you would "preauthorize" a gift card. I'm just sayin'!