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    Issues with turning Nook HD + on

      After resetting, long pressing the power button, and shutting the HD+ off, I hold the power button 5 seconds to turn it back on.  BUT, it doesn't turn on.  I have to hold the volume button, with the power button to turn it back on.  Earlier today I reset my Nook and for the life of me wouldn't turn back on, even fully charged.  The only way it would turn back on is if I held the "n" button w/ the power button and hard reset everything.  Anyone else having issues?  While I'm at it, anyone having issues with headset jack as well?  If I hit my jack while the headset it plugged in it, the sound quits until I jiggle the jack again.  Headset is fine in computer and in my Samsung Tab so I know it's not the headset.

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          1) For this: Anyone else having issues?


          No, this is a rare issue. I can't remember seeing this on the forums.


          It's very interesting that pressing n and power button brings it back.


          What happens if


          a) You press power button just once quickly. A tap instead of hold it.

          b) You hold power button for 20 seconds.



          2) For your headset it sounds like the jack is a bit loose. Do you plug it in all the way? If you do, and if on touching/hitting it sound still goes off then the connection might be loose.