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    Fathers profile updating my reading list

      I took my hd+ home with me for a visit and set up a secondary profile for my father so he could try it out. He rapidly fell in love with it, so much so that he has been reading more than he has in a long while. However, whenever he opens a book to read it seems to update the recent book list on my profile, as well as on the nook ipad app I have been using... Is it supposed to work like this? I am thinking of gifting it to him.... But would like to avoid his reading interfering with mine if I can
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          Is it changing the last page read or just the most recently read list?  

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            I always go back to library page when I quit reading ( I read more than one book at a time usually) so I don't know if it would change last page read as well as list. I will try it and see.
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              Are you thinking of gifting him the HD+ and you'll just read through the iPad app?  If so, to answer your question, yes, I am seeing some quirks in the iPad's app's most recently read list for books on both profiles as well.  (Seems to be remembering the correct page numbers in each profile for a book, but the list itself is combined if the book is on each profile.)  Here was my test:


              Set up a profile for my DH on the HD+ a few weeks ago (whenever FT pointed out that profiles were active in the iPad app.)  Added 30-40 books that I thought he might be interested in.  On the HD+, as I switch from profile to profile, the most recent list works as one would expect it to.  (It's keeping the profile's separate.)  Don't have 2 HD devices so have no idea if it is working properly from device to device (Maybe 5ivedome can test this out?)


              Then set up the Nook app on DH's iPad and changed to his profile.  Had it set up initially to sort by author.  Changed it to most recent.  Went back to the HD, opened a book in his profile, then went back to ipad MY profile and it is showing up as the most recent book (because this particular book was in both profiles.) Which is where your problem lies.


              This is just an idea.  Can you set up another profile for yourself "MyReadingNow" or something (you might have to do this from the HD+, not sure if possible to set up profile yet from iPad app.)  From the ipad app, you can assign content to the profiles.  Assign the couple of books that you are reading right now and maybe some you always want access to in this profile.  It's a few more steps in managing the content but I think it will allow you to do what you want. 


              I am doing it the other way around (managing and reading from HD+, giving access to hubby on his iPad.)  Am interested in learning whatever other quirks you've noticed, workarounds, etc.  {But someone is claiming his iPad back, so can't test it anymore now, but let me know if it works.:smileyhappy:}