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    My Nook My Library missing pages


      agarcia When I logged into the website tonight and tried to look at My Nook My Library it would only display a single page. I could change the parameters (books, archived, sort by author, etc.) but it would still only display one single page.


      I tried multiple browsers and multiple computers.

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          Mine was doing that early yesterday morning. I just checked on my library now and everything seems to be in order again.

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            Well, this would certainly give me a heart attack!!!


            I read this while lurking (not logged in to the forum) but logged in to BN main (as if I were going to order something).  No problem.  (What ails them???)  I could see all my books, scroll in a few pages, choose the very last page (yup - correct books there).


            So, I logged in to forum, wait - what did I click?  I went to check the exact click-chain....and most everything was gone.  My Nook said I had 0 of everything, although it did show a few of my most recent ebook purchases on the My Nook Home page and the 1st page worth if you click Books.  (Oh, no!  I broke it, too!)


            Not.  Apparently, the My Nook Library part does not like you to be logged in to the forum.  Upon logging out of the forum, all my library books and pages re-appeared.  Try logging out of the forum and logging in to BN main.


            There do seem to be some conflicts about whether you are logged into BN proper vs. BN forum space.  I have noticed a few times that switching one on sometimes logs you out of the other (you have to sign in again).


            Edit:  And I just checked again - while logged in to both - and it all works fine.  The response is not consistent, but logging out of forum may get it turned back on for you.


            Edit 2:  Have we discussed backups lately?  Ahem.  Case in point.  (Even if it is just a Jive glitch or something similar, having a backup does preclude a major heart attack when something like this happens.)

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                Tried logging out of Jive and then into the main B&N account using Firefox, IE and Chrome. None of them brought up the extra pages.


                I'm beginning to think B&N just doesn't want my business since they seem to be making it as difficult as possible to back up my eBooks. Seems like a rather poor business plan in my estimation.