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    Workaround for Nook G4Tab TTS bug needed!

      i now have 3 Nook Galaxy 4 Note readers setup and working great. i added Nova Launcher and AV apps that work well also...


      i have played around with TTS for one of the Nooks and have liked how it sounds (loaded the iVona voice)!


      the downside is once the voice TTS service is enabled on the BN reader it cant be disabled (no admin toggle for it).

      also there are a number of issues when using the TTS with the BN reader:


      1. cant add bookmarks.

      2. when screen times out the reader locks up when screen is tapped.

      3. cant use features like highlight or word look-up.

      4. crashes often when pausing the reader app (using home screen button).


      anyone have a fix/workaround for these issues? an alternative reader app for BN (that is free and easy to setup)?

      or maybe hidden files that i can edit to clear enable/disable TTS for the reader?

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          In another post, someone suggested an answer that worked for me.


          Re: Trouble with reader app on Nook Galaxy Tab 4


          The author did two consecutive factory re-installs, making sure he did not save or restore any of his original settings during the re-install steps.


          Select Settings > General > Backup and Reset

          In the right hand column, uncheck Back up my Data

          In the right hand column, Automatic Restore

          Then under Personal Data, use the factory Data Reset option.


          After the reset is finished, repeat the above 4 steps.


          Good luck. I suspect that setting up S Voice triggered the TTS behavior in the reader app, as they share the same voice engine, and activating it is the last thing I did before the nook reader app began misbehaving by reading text aloud. I disabled S Voice until BN gets its act together and provides users with a way to turn Auto-Mode on and off. BN Nook developers, yes I do mean you.

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              I've tried working with B&N support... I don't even want to think about that route.   I gave up on the shelf feature long ago, but the constant reverting to text speech due to an inadvertent screen swipe is maddening. Plus I would really like word lookup and highlight back.


              So using the proposed solution - what personal data do you lose?


              Alternatively, are there any non-BN readers that can do the job? B&N has had plenty of time to address the issues and it doesn't appear they intend to correct anything.


              Thanks much!

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                  I do hope BN tech support is looking at this.


                  I am totally disappointed as one of the main reasons for getting the Galaxy Tab 4 was as an indoor reader.  I've installed Lastpass as a necessary tool in getting into several internet sites.


                  Since then, the TTS in the reader has gone bonkers.


                  PLEASE BN--work on this and get it fixed.


                  While I like the tablet this has been a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT and is resulting in miy not recommending this purchase to friends and family.



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                      My experience:

                      - Hours and hours on the phone

                      - numerous calls over many days

                      - talking to people across the Globe

                      - being passed back and forth between B&N and Samsung (so you are never

                      certain who you are talking to)

                      - they keep giving you "service request numbers" and "reference

                      numbers", which they can NEVER locate again

                      - 3 pages of handwritten notes


                      The last time I heard from them was that the developers in New York

                      would like me to answer a few questions regarding the

                      reader-that-won't-read... no one ever returned the call and I'm sick of

                      calling them.


                      They have a bizarre lack of concern that their principle app doesn't

                      work and their book reader doesn't read.  Their support is so screwed up

                      that further calling is pointless.


                      Other than the fact that the Nook reader cannot read books - it's a nice

                      little tablet.

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                          that kinda sucks.


                          My experience with Samsung in general has been pretty good so I don't understand the issue.  Must be BN.


                          I have Lastpass and the Nook app installed on an Apple Ipad with no issues.


                          Perhaps if they could find a way to remove the inbred app so that it can be uninstalled and reinstalled??


                          Anyway, I haven't tried Kindle which if it works would really be ironic!!!   I think I will.


                          You're right though otherwise a pretty decent tablet.



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                    Photos, documents, apps you have added, essentially anything you added to your G4 since you started using it.


                    You can transfer the files like photos and documents to a computer or cloud storage before following those steps, and then copy them back. The apps you would have to locate and re-install from scratch, so maybe make a list of the ones you have added and want to use in the future so you can find them quickly afterwards.


                    Good luck with it. Drove me crazy, but it has been behaving ever since.


                    Also check out Re: Trouble with reader app on Nook Galaxy Tab 4 and search for Mantano. That reply details two alternative reader apps that can handle Nook books, and what you need to do to install them.

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                      Work at one of the stores and had my first experience with auto mode for tts. Factory  reset  device. ..Boom same problem.Tried a brand new out of the box device with the same log in information  for my customer.  Lo and behold same thing with tts.  BUT what I surmise from this is something  with Google.  Because  my customer  logged in to her Google account both times.  I'm going to try factory reset and NOT LOG INTO GOOGLE play or anything Google.  We'll l see what happens

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                          I also returned the first device for an unrelated problem. However,

                          replacing the device did not cause the book reader to start functioning.

                          Therefore, I think you are right - the problem is related to the

                          settings that are downloaded with the ID.


                          It's possible that the problem is related to settings on my Samsung

                          Galaxy cell that existed before I purchased the tablet.


                          I hope your experiment works - but if it does what will be lost by not

                          using the google account to sync back up? Will all of the books still be

                          there? The bookshelves? Apps purchased through that google ID?


                          Since you work in a store do you have access to actual B&N support

                          people? Perhaps you'll get better support than a mere customer!


                          Thanks Much & Good Luck


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                          NOOK SUPPORT FORUMS


                          WORKAROUND FOR NOOK G4TAB TTS BUG NEEDED!


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                          I have a possible cause.  Do any of you have or have had Norton anti virus mobile app installed?  My customer  did and another store had a customer  with same issue have that app installed  and it was a setting within the app that causes the tts  to come on.  We will be checking  this out today.

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                              I do not have Norton installed.  I do have Lastpass installed.


                              Come on BN and Samsung-----make this right.


                              We can go on forever seeing what is what is what causing this.


                              What I would like is the ability to wipe the inbred Nook ap off altogether so I can then either download the Nook ap to see if it works or alternatelu use Kindle (which does work).

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                                  Alex Garcia

                                  Thank you all for the posts.


                                  We are working on this problem and should have it patched in a future update. However, as a temporary remedy double tapping the screen while in a book will enable "manual" mode. That should disable the automatic playback in the meantime.


                                  Additionally, we've found some apps such as Lastpass, Norton have been root causes for the trigger. Understandably, we don't expect you to not use your apps; but again we should have this patched for you all soon.


                                  - Alex

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                                      Ok, all..success! I had my customer come in and we unchecked updates and all that good stuff. Then I unregistered the device and then we re-registered the device with JUST NOOK settings. Yay! No tts! Ok, then what we did was had her create a new google account via the playstore. So, she did that...and still no TTS!!!!! So, Alex Garcia..somewhere, buried in her "old" google account was either an app or a setting that we could not access that was making the device do TTS on her Nook books. Had a very happy customer...And she was ok with a new google account because she only used FB and a solitaire app. She didn't use the gmail at all.


                                      The only app that I could see on her old google account that might have caused trouble was Norton anti-virus for android.

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                                  I've become very frustrated with this app. It tries to read the book to me all the time, and when it isn't reading the book to me, it crashes after several pages if ANY other app has been used since power up. Very fragile and nearly useless Nook app on a Nook device. And the device won't allow me to install the regular Android Nook App which works fine on my phone and other tablets.


                                  The thread on LastPass leads me to a possible cause. The new version of LastPass uses the Accessibility feature in order to see if you need it to fill in passwords within another app. Perhaps the fact that the Accessibiliy feature has been turned on causes the Samsung version of the Nook App to think that it needs to read the book.


                                  BN Support, are you reading this? I've been beta testing software for 40 years, and I think this may be a real clue to a solution. PLEASE fix the app and distribute it. Maybe you could update the Android version to 5.1 while you're at it.