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        see below for my success...but I still don't know what part of google actually caused the problem...

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          Same result here - I did the factory reset and didn't let the device

          connect to google during the setup.


          Result - lost my apps, but the BOOK READER can actually read a book now

          - AMAZING!.


          No idea what caused it - I'm guessing a conflict between the Samsung

          phone settings and the Samsung nook setting.


          Correcting the error would still be nice.

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            Well,  my issue  wasn't with a phone but with a Samsung  Galaxy tab4 NOOK.  So  I really feel the issue is with Google and Nook. I don't  hold out too much hope for resolution any  time soon. 






            Sent from Samsung tablet.

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              My issue is also with tab4... however I have had more than one Samsung

              phone and my understanding is the settings for them are stored in

              Google. Therefore I wonder is the problem is google or incompatible

              settings on other Samsung devices.

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                I've become very frustrated with this app. It tries to read the book to me all the time, and when it isn't reading the book to me, it crashes after several pages if ANY other app has been used since power up. Very fragile and nearly useless Nook app on a Nook device. And the device won't allow me to install the regular Android Nook App which works fine on my phone and other tablets.


                The thread on LastPass leads me to a possible cause. The new version of LastPass uses the Accessibility feature in order to see if you need it to fill in passwords within another app. Perhaps the fact that the Accessibiliy feature has been turned on causes the Samsung version of the Nook App to think that it needs to read the book.


                BN Support, are you reading this? I've been beta testing software for 40 years, and I think this may be a real clue to a solution. PLEASE fix the app and distribute it. Maybe you could update the Android version to 5.1 while you're at it.

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                  BN finally released the 4.x update to the Nook Reader App, and it seems to fix all the problems I had been experiencing. Thanks, BN.

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