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    No wonder BN is loosing sales!!!

      I just discovered another issue with my Nook HD+.  When I go into the shop and look at the featured books, where you find the "Daily Finds" . . . the prices showing are NOT right!  I've been passing things up just because of the prices shown there.  So today, just out of curiosity I tapped the book to read about it and discovered that the sale/lower price is shown!!!  

      So if I had not tapped the book I would have passed it up, not paying 9.99 (price shown) for a "Daily Find" featured book, but because I tapped the book and discovered it was only $1.99 I bought it.  There has probably been at least 12 books recently that I passed up because of shown price when they were prob less expensive in reality.


      WAKE UP BN . . . check your software and make sure it's showing correct and CURRENT prices on featured books or you will CONTINUE to LOOSE SALES!!!