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    Nook HD will not charge, or turn on.

      I have a pretty new nook HD, it was a Christmas gift. I've been mostly thrilled with it. It seemed kind of laggy & slow sometimes from the beginning, just a few hiccups. I went to charge it the other day after it died, and I noticed it never popped on by itself like it usually does. Upon further I investigation, I noticed that when I plugged it in, the battery indicator light came on, turned green for about 3 seconds. Then it turned orange for a few more and then goes out. The device still won't turn on. I tried holding power and the n button, but it only got the light to repeat the quick green then orange then off thing. What can I do now?
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          Did you leave it plugged in when you went to charge it. Sometimes it takes up to 1/2 an hour to turn on if the battery charge is really low.
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            I'll add that when it is on the charger (wall charger, it's all I use) pressing any button triggers the light to come on quickly, the same green to orange then off pattern. I pressed the power, the n and the volume up/down and tried holding power and n at the same time. They all have the same response. I'm worried that maybe it is just broken. :/
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              Yes, the indicator light has always briefly flashed green then orange on my device. Hold the power button down for 5-10 seconds. You may have engaged a shut down.
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                A few things to try


                1) Plug it into the wall charger, and leave it overnight. Forget about the button.


                2) Plug it into a PC via USb and leave for 4-5 hrs.


                3) Press and hold power button for 5 seconds (After the above two steps).


                4) Press and hold power button for 30 seconds.


                5) Press and hold power button and the physical 'n' button for 30 seconds.

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                    I am having hte same issue. Tried all the "power button" holds, hold power and N at same time and nothing. Bought new charger thinking mine was bad. Fail. Waste of money as the same thing happens.


                    Plug in

                    LED light is green

                    LED light goes amber

                    LED light flickers between green and amber

                    LED goes off completely


                    If I leave it plugged in for a while, the LED will start to flash off and on RED. Never saw this color before now.


                    Am willing to try this methods as all else have failed, but I do have a quetsion. You are specific with connecting to computer for 4 to 5 hours. But you said plug it into wall charger first and leave it overnight. My question is this. When you say overnight, is there  a specific amount of time? 24hrs? then proceed or what...

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                    My nook hd is doing the same thing with the led light changing colors and flashing. I have tried everything that was posted but tono avail. I even took it to B&N and the rep called support and they could do nothing. Looks like I may end up buying another reader, but I don't think it will be a nook. I haven't had it 2 years yet. Very aggravated.

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                      I had the same EXACT problem and it turned out i was using a different adapter than usual!! apparently since these nooks (HD+ etc) take a lot of power and some adapters mess that up (clearly i am not an electrician haha) it wouldnt charge. Try using the original charger/adapter it came with (even if your using a standard nook charger it might not be compatible) or if you are using it, maybe try another one. I read another girl was using the same one that came with it, but still had to switch only the adapter. Dont throw the nook away! I read multiple post where some variation of the adapter was all it took for this exact issue. It work for me :smileyhappy:)))

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                          I just bought my Nook HD 9' exactly 24 hours ago.

                          I charged it last night before i put it away.

                          I decided to watch a movie.

                          It was at 80% atleast when the movie began.

                          I got in maybe an hour of the movie and the nook just shut off.

                          I am assuming the battery died.

                          Its been on a charger now for 15 minutes and it wont turn on.

                          The light flashes green for maybe 4 seconds and thats it.

                          No other variation of lights, nothing. no button trick is working.


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                          Here's a possible problem.  Your Nook HD charger may have folding AC plug like mine.  This tends to wear out and the charger must be securely pushed into the outlet or extension cord.  Second that is not mentioned here is the cable.  They do wear out and you can get one at any gas station for a buck (3 ft).  Don't use computer because the charge rate is really slow, 2.5 vs. 10 mil-amps.  Pressing the buttons works but be patient and after about the fifth time my red light stayed and a half an hr later the charge indicator was displaying.  I would find an app that powers the Nook off when battery gets too 2% or something.

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                              Ok everyone... I've found the solution to the "not charging" problem.  These were the symptoms before the fix:

                              1. Nook stops charging when connected to stock wall charger. Charging indicator light stays at Green and does not change to orange (as we all know device only charges with orange light on).  However for some inexplicable reason device charges when connected to pc USB port (I’m assuming this is the case because PC USB ports provide “smart charging” <figure out what type of device and what condition it is in before starts charging> instead of dumb charging that most USB chargers provide).
                              2. Nook would not charge at all after being completely drained of battery power.  When the connector is plugged in and the charging begins the green indicator light comes on and then orange light but after few seconds it just turns off and stops charging.


                              Now for the cause of the problem and the fix...

                              Cause:  After a while connection between the device and the charger becomes loose and proper connection (few of the pins inside the connector head are not making proper connection with the device) can’t be made.  I know… I myself initially thought that the problem was with the software controlling the charging process or the battery or the charger adapter.  However problem was nothing so complicated… it was just good old fashion plug not making proper connection with the device problem (one of the oldest but persistent problem with electronic devices).

                              Solution:  Since the problem is old fashion… solution is also old fashion and crude.  Get your needle nose plier and have at it.  Use the plier to clamp down on the narrow protruding portion of the charging connector (part that goes in to the Nook HD+).  *Make sure you avoid clamping down on the 3
                              small cut out dimples (there are three on top and three on the bottom).  *Also it goes without saying “don’t clamp down so hard that connector becomes flatten!!!”  It would mean spending over $30 to replace connecting cable you just destroyed.  Just clamp down hard enough that
                              connector will feel tight going in to the device.


                              For me result was immediate… my nook was charging without any problems.  It was charged quickly and properly.  After the full charge battery lasted about 41/2 to 5 hours unplugged (with the wi-fi and update setting on and playing movies in replay mode with screen on the whole time).  Now that’s impressive!!!


                              I’ve used “Battery Calibration” by NeMa to recalibrate the battery (It requires rooted device with the super permission; uninstall the app after calibration)

                              Also I’m using “DU Battery Saver” by DU Apps Studio for battery power management (this app can charge quickly and safely thanks to 3stage charging method; also has one click power saving feature).  It took me 10 days and 4 chargers to figure this out so I hope this post will help a lot of fellow nookers.