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      • 150. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

        A Woman's Right to Know:
        How Women's Health Became a Political Pawn -- and the Surprising Alliances Working to Reclaim It

        Product Details

        FREE copy -- available January 21 - 25!

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          Free $10 coupon from Audible. Use coupon code AUDIBEL.

          Promotion Terms

          The promotion is valid for a limited time only and while promotional items supplies last. The promotion applies only to items sold by The same items sold by other sellers (e.g., etc.) do not qualify. Claim codes cannot be resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other Audible account, except where required by law. The coupon is valid for audio content only. The offer is only available to customers in the United States. Audible account required. Other terms and conditions apply, including those available at If you violate any of the terms or conditions, the promotion will be invalid, and the offer will not apply. Audible reserves the right to modify or cancel at any time. Void where prohibited.

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          • 152. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

            Wildside Press weekly freebie:

            Journey to the Underground  World

            by Lin Carter

            The legends of a fabled land of the lost have floated for centuries around the bazaars of North Africa and the sand-surrounded oases of the vast Sahara. They tell of treasure caravans that have never returned, of weird monsters forgotten by time, of savage peoples surviving out of antiquity.

            Eric Carstairs had heard these tales but until he met Professor Potter he did not really believe them. But the famous paleontologist had the location of the entrance to the Underground World pinned down, and wanted only a man of courage to fly him there.

            Carstairs and Potter took the chance—and pierced the pit to Zanthodon, a world within the world, where cavemen and cave-beasts roamed side by side with dinosaur-monsters of millions of years ago.

            This is the first book in the Zanthodon Series, avalable from Wildside Press!

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            • 153. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

              Free audiobook from Downpour:


              A White Bible by Tobias Wolff

              A White Bible


              • By: Tobias Wolff
              • Read by: Anthony Heald
              • Runtime: 0.5 Hours
              • Recording: Unabridged
              • Release date: 12.15.2013
              • Publisher: Blackstone Audio
              • Genre: Fiction
              • ISBN-13: 978-1-4829-5315-2
              Maureen is an English teacher, and she’s had a long day. All she wants is a relaxing night out with friends, a few beers, and maybe the chance to forget the troubles of her past: the gambling ex-husband and the daughter who’d thrown her life away sleeping with married men. But her night—and maybe her life—is thrown off track when she leaves the bar and a man approaches her in the parking lot as she unlocks her car.
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              • 154. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

       $10 Credit


                hotness: 5/5



                Published 9 hr 23 min ago



                Audible offers a $10 Audible Credit for free via coupon code "BUDGET2015". That ties our mention from last week as the best free credit deal we've seen. (We've seen a $10 credit several times before but only for new Audible members; this one is for everyone.) It's valid only for audio content; it can't be used for purchasing membership or gift cards. The credit expires 60 days after redemption. 
                - as seen at DealNews: $10 Credit for free
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                • 155. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                  Sorry for the OT post, but has anyone here had trouble with the website? I have been able to download free audiobooks, but haven't been able to add a credit card to make a purchase (it keeps saying "unable to add credit card".

                  • 156. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                    This month's audiobook freebie from Christianaudio


                    Everyone's A Theologian

                    by RC Sproul


                    Free Book of the Month

                      Reading the Bible is the one sure way we can get God's word into our lives each day. We can't just trust what we are told about the Bible, but ultimately must read and explore it for ourselves. We can be like those in Thessalonica who "received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so" (Acts 17:11).

                    In Everyone's a Theologian

                    Dr. Sproul takes on the Bible's teachings in a systematic fashion, using time-tested methods of interpretation, demonstrating his trademark ability to make complex subjects easy, reminding us of what God is like and of what He has done for His people in this world and the next.

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                    • 157. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                      They're out! Here are the February 2015 Samsung Book Deals selections, from the Kindle store (in the order in which Amazon presented them), the genres to which they belong,and their regular prices. [Click on Samsung Book Deals to learn how this works. You may also want to read the related MobileRead thread: Kindle for Samsung launched in 90 countries.]





                        Former DOJ cybercrimes prosecutor Chris Bruen walks into a dark apartment in Amsterdam to confront a hacker known as Black Vector. The hacker has stolen the source code for the world’s most ubiquitous operating system, which powers everything from personal computers to the NSA’s data centers. This should have been a routine assignment for Bruen, but instead of obtaining a confession, Bruen finds the hacker’s dead body and uncovers a hidden flash drive that contains the code for a remarkably sophisticated computer virus known as Lurker.

                      Upon his return home to San Francisco, Bruen finds himself the target of a shadowy group of hackers who plan on unleashing Lurker, which will bring a major US city to its knees in seven days. Bruen doesn’t know why he’s the target, but the answers seem to lie somewhere in his troubled past. Suddenly, Bruen is framed as the planner of the cyberattack, making him the top suspect in an international manhunt. Bruen must stay ahead of the FBI and CIA in a race across Europe while he tries to decode the virus, find the hackers, and clear his name. With the lives of tens of thousands of people hanging in the balance, and his own life about to be destroyed, Bruen must go beyond the brink to stop the hackers. 


                      • She Who Remembers by Linda Lay Shuler (Regular Price: $3.99) [Genres: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Romance]




                        In an ancient time of fear and superstition, she stood apart because of her unusual blue eyes. In a land of great stone cities and trackless wilderness, she sought her own unique path. But it was with the clan that accepted her—and in the heart of the magic man who saved her—that she found her ultimate destiny. Her name was Kwani. But legend would call her She Who Remembers... 





                        With bonus material! This Kindle edition features extra content only found in the Collector’s Edition of The Mongoliad: Book One, including an illustrated character glossary, a Foreworld map, and Sinner, a prequel to the Mongoliad series.

                      The first novel to be released in The Foreworld Saga, The Mongoliad: Book One, is an epic-within-an-epic, taking place in 13th century. In it, a small band of warriors and mystics raise their swords to save Europe from a bloodthirsty Mongol invasion. Inspired by their leader (an elder of an order of warrior monks), they embark on a perilous journey and uncover the history of hidden knowledge and conflict among powerful secret societies that had been shaping world events for millennia.

                      But the saga reaches the modern world via a circuitous route. In the late 19th century, Sir Richard F. Burton, an expert on exotic languages and historical swordsmanship, is approached by a mysterious group of English martial arts aficionados about translating a collection of long-lost manuscripts. Burton dies before his work is finished, and his efforts were thought lost until recently rediscovered by a team of amateur archaeologists in the ruins of a mansion in Trieste, Italy. From this collection of arcana, the incredible tale of The Mongoliad was recreated.

                      Full of high adventure, unforgettable characters, and unflinching battle scenes, The Mongoliad ignites a dangerous quest where willpower and blades are tested and the scope of world-building is redefined.

                      A note on this edition: The Mongoliad began as a social media experiment, combining serial story-telling with a unique level of interaction between authors and audience during the creative process. Since its original iteration, The Mongoliad has been restructured, edited, and rewritten under the supervision of its authors to create a more cohesive reading experience and will be published as a trilogy of novels. This edition is the definitive edition and is the authors' preferred text. 


                      • To Seduce an Earl by Lori Brighton (Regular Price: $3.99) [Genres: Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance]



                        For years, Alex Weston has plied his trade at Lavender Hills, an all-male brothel catering to London’s most fashionable women. His beauty and sexual prowess are legendary, yet his charmed life masks an ugly truth. Alex is a prisoner in a gilded cage, blackmailed into service and desiring only freedom—until the night she walks through his door…


                      Grace Brisbane is desperate. Her dying mother needs medicine she cannot afford, and her dissolute stepbrother is gambling away what little money remains. Her only hope of saving her family is to marry the Earl of Rodrick, her brother’s wealthy best friend. There’s just one problem: Rodrick has no interest in virgins. To win him, Grace must learn the secrets of seduction. Secrets Alex knows all too well…


                      It should be a simple business transaction. And yet with a single kiss, Grace ignites a passion unlike any Alex has ever known…and unlike any she could ever imagine. They are not free to love—but their hearts will accept nothing less.

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                      • 158. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread


                        This month's freebie from the University of Chicago Press:


                        Floating Gold: A Natural (and Unnatural) History of Ambergris

                        by Christopher Kemp

                        ISBN: 9780226430379


                        “Ambergris is the kind of singularity—in nature and in human affairs—that cries out for investigation by an obsessed scientist who can write well. In Christopher Kemp, the world’s most lusted-after poop has found its man.”—Macleans


                        (You're required to provide your email address)

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                        • 159. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                          Finally! Here's how to get this month's Phoenix Pick freebie

                          Access  this month's newsletter (and information about this month's free ebook)from Phoenix Pick by clicking below





                          KARMA KOMMANDOS
                          by Paul Cook

                          ISBN 978-1-61450-259-6 , 212 Pages, Trade Paperback 6” x 9”








                          Chuckle has just hit the streets of 21st century L.A. with devastating results. A member of the L.A.P.D.’s Protean  Set—special detectives who can change their appearances—Rory Koestler sets out after Bob Thermopylae, L.A.’s main dealer in Chuckle. Problem is, someone else is after him as well—assassins who step out of walls or just appear out of nowhere. Soon they turn their sights on Koestler and several other citizens.


                          Who are they?
                          Where do they come from?


                          They are the Karma Kommandos . . .

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                          • 160. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                            This month's FREE Kindle ebook/Audible audiobook pairing, plus...


                            Great Expectations

                            • by Charles Dickens
                            • Audiobook narrated by Simon Preeble


                            1. Buy the free Kindle ebook

                            2. Buy the paired, free Audible audiobook

                            Great Expectations | [Charles Dickens]

                            One of the most revered works in English literature, Great Expectations traces the coming of age of a young orphan, Pip, from a boy of shallow aspirations into a man of maturity. From the chilling opening confrontation with an escaped convict to the grand but eerily disheveled estate of bitter old Miss Havisham, all is not what it seems in Dickens’ dark tale of false illusions and thwarted desire.




                            Raised by a humble blacksmith, Pip is recruited by the wealthy Miss Havisham to be a companion to her ward, the cold but beautiful Estella. There, Pip learns to despise his rough origins as Estella torments him about his low prospects. When Pip is informed that an unknown benefactor expects to make him his heir, he sets off to London to realize his “great expectations.” But true gentleman stature, he will find, is a matter of character, not fortune.

                            3. Buy the free Audible companion piece: Novels of Charles Dickens - Great Expectations -- David Timson

                            The Novels of Charles Dickens: An Introduction by David Timson to Great Expectations | [David Timson]


                            David Timson talks about Charles Dickens, much loved for his great contribution to classic English Literature.


                            In this, perhaps Dickens' most profound and personal novel, we are invited  to share in the sentimental education of Pip, the poor boy from the village forge who risks losing himself in snobbery and selfishness when
                            he mysteriously inherits a fortune. The story moves from the bleak Kentish marshes of Pip's childhood to a thrilling climax that mingles tragedy and triumph.


                            ©2012 Naxos AudioBooks (P)2012 Naxos AudioBooks

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                            • 162. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                              Four for February |

                              Four weeks. Four great listens. For free.


                              To commemorate Black History Month, we’re pleased to bring the Audible social community four riveting audio dramas that explore an array of African-American themes. These live recordings of productions staged by L.A. Theatre Works — innovators in the fusion of stage and sound — showcase renowned actors, exceptional playwrights, and powerful performances. Every Wednesday during the month of February, we’ll release one of them for you to download, with our compliments.


                              For the inside story on all things Audible — including the latest freebies, original productions, member promotions, narrator news, and more — please take a moment to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And if you’re already a member of our social community, don’t forget to spread the word. Happy listening.


                              Come back on Wednesday, February 11, for your next free listen!

                              • February 4, 2015

                              Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting | Ed SchmidtEd Schmidt


                              Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting

                              by    Ed Schmidt  

                                 Narrated by    Ed AsnerCarl Lumblyfull cast  

                              Length:1 hr and 36 mins

                              Release Date: 01-29-1


                              Publisher's Summary

                              Free through February 28 for the Audible social community in commemoration of Black History Month.

                              On a spring day in 1947, Mr. Rickey, the powerful General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, summons heavyweight champion Joe Louis, tap star Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and actor Paul Robeson to his hotel room in Manhattan. Rickey wants their support when he taps Jackie Robinson to be the Major League's first black ballplayer. But a power struggle ensues when the eloquent Robeson raises questions about Rickey's motivations to integrate white baseball.


                              Learn more about Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers in Peter Golenbock's oral history, Bums.


                              (P)2004 L.A. Theatre Works. All Rights Reserved.

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                              • 164. Re: The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

                                Free audiobook, courtesy of Random House Audio:

                                Random House Audiobooks's Photos - Random House Audiobooks | Facebook



                                Happy Early Birthday to Jules Verne! (Feb 8th is the official day).

                                Download the full FREE audiobook of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS to celebrate. Available one day only.


                                Click here to download:


                                NOTE - While you can stream the audiobook from a phone, you can only download the file from a computer. If you want to listen to the file on your iPhone or iPad, we suggest downloading to your computer and then adding it to your iTunes playlist.


                                Offer ends Feb 7, 2014 at 11:59 PM ET.

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