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      I love my NOOK HD+.  I don't regret buying it... yet.  It's been working pretty well since I bought it and I haven't suffered at all from many of the issues others have posted about like disappearing shelves and I am grateful for that. 


      HOWEVER - I'm starting to experience several problems on the NOOK HD+ that are really making it very unpleasant to use my NOOK.  One of them is that lately my browser keeps shutting down for no apparent reason at all.  At first it was only occasionally and usually when I had the max number of tabs open with some of them still open from days ago, but now it's happening frequently with only a couple of tabs open.  Usually, the same tabs will be there when I go back in, but sometimes all my tabs are gone except for the home page.  Rebooting does not seem to have any positive effect.


      Are others experiencing this?  Anyone have any ideas what may be cause and solution?