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    Has the Nook Hd+ update 2.2.1 slowed down anyones device? Lets get this fixed.

      I have been going insane wondering why my NOOK HD+ has been freezing on everything. Ive been receiving error messages on my Apps, Internet, my Library and even on my Home screen. My NOOK HD+ was working perfectly never had a problem with it was always fast and worked like the day i first got it which was the first Christmas after release. At first I was wondering maybe i downloaded an App that was causing problems researched it no one else is having problems. Then i start thinking maybe its the comics that i have added to my NOOK back in December but i wasnt having problems when I first added them, now i recently added my large comic collection to my nook for reading on the go. Thinking that the slowness could be me running out of space i added a 32gb micro sd card and I am still having this issue. So i get to thinking you know I added my large collection towards the end of January but now that i think about it i was having issues before that, im sure my large collection doesnt help but its not the original cause. It turns out the Nook HD+ had an update 2.2.1 on January 14 and ive read that some devices are working just as it had before but others are having my problem. I would like to know how many people are having my problem so that this problem can be fixed.