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    Nook HD+ Keeps Restarting When on School Network

      So every time I try to connect my Nook HD+ to my school network it goes into this endless cycle of rebooting. It will go to the white screen with the progress bar and end up on the profile select screen. A few seconds after I select my only profile it reboots, and keeps doing this nonstop. I managed to stop this by jumping on the 2 seconds I had before it connected to the network and placing it in Airplane Mode. Someone help, please. It works fine if I put it into N2A mode. On any other network, it's fine. Yes, I entered the right credentials. I tried entering the wrong one once and it just said what I entered was wrong.


      Also, I can't see any of my files when it's plugged into the computer. Any computer. I just see folders but no content in them. For example, I have about 200 pdfs in my ezPDF folder, but when I click it through a computer it's empty. So I have no way of putting files onto my Nook when I'm at school, which defeats half the Nook's purpose for school use.


      I seriously am having to walk 2 blocks away from campus just to pick up a WiFi signal so I can use DropBox to get these files I need to read ASAP.