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    How do I sideload onto SD Card & show in Library?

      I'm becoming rather frustrated and not having any luck figuring this out.


      It appears, from what I'm seeing, that people are able to sideload epub books onto an SD card AND view them in their library. I can't figure this out. I've tried creating folders (Nook/ Books) and so on. Besides sideloading onto the actual memory of the Samsung, which I don't want to do as I'll lose all my notes and such if tablet goes down, I can't get the books to show (with cover) at all in the Library.


      Is this possible to do? Can anyone walk me through it?


      Thank you!

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          Well, after talking to the Support Chat, it appears this is not possible.


          We can move epub books from SD card to the Library to see there. BUT! Any and all notes you make are device specific. If the device goes down and resets, you WILL lose all your books and notes. It doesn't back those up when you back up when you "back up" your books. (which my guess is, make sure you have a copy on your computer somewhere as your back up.)


          This is the problem with me. I take LOOOOTS of notes and I've lots several of them on my Nook Tablet when it went on the blitz and kept shutting down and restarting. The person I talked to said he will note my feedback for management to review. Probably wont be anything done to help with note-takers, but I did my part.

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            Readers (like you) who take notes while reading and want to preserve them may want to install and read via an app, such as Moon+ Reader Pro, that can read most (if not all) of the content formats one's NOOK can, sync across devices, and preserve one's notes, highlights, and bookmarks. (For example, see cshonea's post here.)

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