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    scavengers hunt

      I hope they bring back some of the options they have taken away especially in shelving. They made it much harder to shelve books because they took the remove book from shelve from when you press on the book and there is no list of shelves a particular book is on without going through all the shelves individually. Its like a scavenger hunt right now. Hope they bring it back. We shouldn't have to use work-arounds!
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          I gave up on shelves a long time ago.  The implementation on the Nook 1st Edition made way more sense and I haven't used shelves since then.


          The key feature that has been missing since the N1E is the ability to see "Unshelved Items".  Now, whenever you view the list of books to add to a shelf it shows you everything you have which means you need to hunt an peck through your list to find what you want all while you have to remember if it's been added to a shelf at all.



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            Agreed with both Purple Ice & Rignes.


            I've given up on shelves, even though I LOVE organizing things. But it's just too difficult now.