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    New Audio Book Apps

      I was checking what apps are new and discovered that the last couple weeks, they've added a number of popular books as audio books in app format for the HD(+).  I love that these are being added, because that means it'll be much, much easier to get audio books onto a nook!


      For those with HD(+), I've found a good way to find them is to Search the Shop for "Audio book" and Refine to App and Newest first.

      But, I've found some that say they are audio and ebook bundles, ... and I can't find the ebook part?  I noticed it today looking at some of the Sookie books.  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/True-Blood-App?keyword=True+Blood+App&store=allproducts&view=list 


      Some say "Audio Book" and are 12.99.  Some say Bundle and are 14.99, implying that you are paying more for the additional content.  I tested buying one in B&N on a demo unit but ... can't figure out where the ebook part is.  It doesn't seem to add to the library or to be in the app menus anywhere.


      Is the label (and maybe $) wrong on these bundles?  Am I missing something?  (I hope so, because bundles would be such a great addition.)

      The apps are by Mobifusion, whose website is just one big under construction sign, so not much help there.

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          thanks The_Imperfect.


          I was checking the database for one of our apps (which searches Nook Apps) and found these today.


          You can also get our app, Apps Buddy - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/app-deals-app-search-new-apps-new-games-game-deals-apps-games-buddy-5ivedom/1114015368?ean=2940043926067, and then search for 'Mobifusion'. It'll show you all the apps. Then you can buy what you like from within our app itself - it opens up a B&N window.

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            I was excited to see this but like you, I couldn't find mention of how to access the ebook either.

            I'm very interested in such things, but I'm surprised they are offered as apps developed by non BN developers. I was under the impression that BN didn't allow the selling of content (ebooks and audiobooks) that would be in competition with BN itself? Though I suppose since it is only one content per app and sold within the store, BN would be making money off that sale.


            Does this allow for the possibility of opening up to developers that create apps that serve a need that BN has not done so far? That would be something new for BN. :smileyhappy:


            If so, this would open up the app store to content like Calibre Companion or an app that 5ivedom had talked about developing in another forum that would also address library management. The thought was that such apps would be shot down as they would allow non BN content to be opened on the devices rather than simply managing content. Not read within the app, only opened within the app for reading on the stock reader. Though Calibre on the PC does allow for purchasing from BN and other venders, the

            Calibre app only manages the tranfer of content and management of that content on the device.


            Am I just dreaming or is this a real possiblity?






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              A different alternative (and a free one) would be to download the Overdrive Media app and search through your local library for audiobooks. The selection is limited to what your library offers, but if you're not too picky you might find something worth listening to. 


              All you need is a library card and a pin number (which you set up) to download audiobooks as well as any ebook. You have two weeks, I believe, to read/listen and then it will be automatically returned to your library. No late fees!