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    My ereader does not respond to my touch

      I'm not exactly sure the name of my e reader but I got it two years ago. It's just a plain ereader black and white. I love it. But the battery was drained for a while and I went to charge it and buy some books but it's not responding to my touch. I tried to unlock it but it won't respond. Even when I push the power button when it asks if you're sure you want to power down completely the power off and cancel buttons don't respond either. I tried to reset it with the power button but it's still not working. I'm going crazy over here. I love my nook and it's the first time it's doing this. It's in great shape. Is there anything I can do?! Help please

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          You tried to turn it on without even asking its name? Of course it's not responding to your touch! Get to know it first, with some light conversation and maybe some cuddling.


          It sounds like the battery is completely drained. It can happen if the battery is low and the device sits for a long time, slowly losing what little charge it has left. If there's absolutely no charge left inside, plugging it in won't help (I'm assuming you've already tried charging it). If you have the original nook (the one with the black and white screen on top and the little color touchscreen on the bottom), you can buy a replacement battery online (maybe on ebay?). If you have one of the others (the ones with the single black and white touchscreen), the battery is not user-replaceable, though you can find batteries and instructions if you google (I can't recommend this, but if you're out of warranty, it's worth a shot).


          If you have the newest nook (it's white, the screen lights up, it has a gray strip of rubber that runs around the edge and a flat back), then you might still be under warranty, and you can call CS for a replacement.

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              I've gotten to know my nook thanks lol I had it for two years already. But thanks. It wasn't the battery. It charged completely and I cleaned it. I got the left side of the screen to work. But not the bottom or the right side still isn't working completely...

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                  The eink NOOKs use infrared screen sensors to detect your touches. They use a small gap around the bezel for the sensors. If this is clogged, it can cause the problem you're seeing. Try blowing out around the bezel to make sure no dust or lint has accumulated in the gap. You can use a soft cloth, but I like using a soft paintbrush to gently flick dust out. Don't just push it in! I have one NST that needs this treatment monthly. The other is good for months between brushings. I guess they're like cats.

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                Tiffanie, we're sorry your NOOK has become unresponsive. You may check the images of our NOOK devices at the following link to see which device you have: NOOK® - Support - Barnes & Noble


                If you have the NOOK 1st Edition you may want to try the steps available at this link: Barnes & Noble Knowledge Base  For the NOOK Simple Touch, please check out this link: Barnes & Noble Knowledge Base

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                    I'm sorry it's so late but I did try clicking the link you shared but it says there's an error to the link. I got it to turn on and off now. I can get into some of my books now. But I can't get into my settings or tap some of the buttons like the shop, search, and settings buttons. It's like the bottom and right side of the screen isn't working. What could I try to do to get it to work? I I tried to clean it earlier. That's when it started to work again. What could I use to clean it with?