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    How do I get Calendar to work on Nook HD?

      I can't for the life of me get Calendar to work.  I've tried my Yahoo address.  Error message.  I've just gotten Hotmail and Gmail accounts hoping one would work.  No luck.  I keep getting "Couldn't open connection to server."  I've reviewed some previous posts for tips and I still can't make this work.  Anybody else stuck?  Help!

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          1) Do you have a Child Profile? There was an old bug where adding a Child Profile caused Calendar to stop working.


          Removing the profile fixed the issue.


          2) For contacts someone talked about going into Settings and adding it from there. Please check if there is an option in Settings for Calendar or Contacts and link that first.


          3) Another workaround was to first set up using Google account and then add the other one. This worked for email+calendar for a few people.