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    Ultraviolet/Blu-Ray Compatibility List



      I was wondering if anyone has seen a list or could help contribute to one that shows which movies, if using a physical blu-ray disc, offer an Ultraviolet copy that can be downloaded for free from the Nook Video store.  It seems that this is very inconsistent for the Nook Video service, and currently Flixter is the only app that supports the service completely but not in HD.  I have made 3 purchases of Blu-Ray discs that offer UV copies.  


      BD/UV/Nook Video Compatible:

      Prometheus BD/DVD/3D/UV 5 Disc Copy


      Not Compatible with Nook Video from Physical Copy

      The Dark Knight Returns BD/DVD/UV

      Game Of Thrones Season Two BD/DVD/UV


      ***note***  these are all physical discs that offer UV copies that all work through Flixter on the NOOK Video.  The movie (in this case only prometheus) that was downloaded from NOOK Video was the full HD version over 5GB in size.  Not a standard def version.


      If you use any of these services, any feedback is appreciated.  It will make it easier those interested to purchase physical copies and not have to buy movies twice. 




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          Great Idea for a thread.


          So are we saying there are three situations


          1) Movie says it supports Ultraviolet and is actually supported in Nook Video Store.


          2) Movie says it supports Ultraviolet and is supported in Flixster but NOT in Nook Video Store.


          3) Movies that don't support Ultraviolet.




          My understanding from comments is that usually movies that support ultraviolet AND ALSO are available in the Nook Video Store


          are the ones that work.


          However, not sure if that's valid all the time.

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              Go to Vudu and register. Then tap on "disc to digital"and do a search for movies which can be converted with physical copies; it doesn' matter if they are UV or not, as many non UV movies can be converted to hd from standard for $5.  Non UV Blue Rays can be converted for $2.  You have to downlad a free program from Vudu to do the conversion from home (look under the support tab for the program) OR take your physical copies and printed convert list to Walmart. I converted about 30 non UV discs last night in about an hour. We now have 102 movies that are viewable on our HD/HD+'s;  30 some were purchased directly from B&N, 20 are free movies earned by registering at VUDU and Flixster (those are in SD only, and one is a repeat); 3 we purchased from VUDU, and the rest were added through the "redeem" process (purchased DVD's that had the "UV redeemable" slips inside).


              However, only a portion of the movies will be watchable in HD via the nook library, others will still be watchable only through Flixster.There is no distinguishable pattern to which ones are supported.  My hubby and I share a UV account, and "98" of the movies registered show up in his HD+ Nook Library.


              However, 19 of the movies show up as "unsupported" and can only be watched via Flixster or on our TV's through our internet enabled Blu-Rays as follows:

                   -  6 movies were added via the redeem process.

                   -  3 movies we purchased directly though VUDU (this is the one consistent unsuppported venue).

                   -  6 of the 30 movies I converted via VUDU last night show up as unsupported.

                   -  4 of the 20 free movies show up as unsupported.


              Finally, another 5 of those movies have double copies in his library, one copy is supported and the second is not (all were added through the redeem process).   


              On my HD, ONLY those movies purchased from B&N show up in my Nook library, I have to watch everything else via Flixster. Plus, 2 of the movies I purchased through B&N did not download to my Nook library (there was a glitch in my server connection I think); I can only watch those 2 from Flixster. However, they did download to my hubby's Nook library.


              The biggest puzzle is only one of the movies in my hubby's nook library was purchased through his B&N account, all others were purchased through my account (of course, his movie does not show in my Nook library). I'm the one who does all of the redeeming, set up Flixster, VUDU,UV, and did all the linking of the various accounts on the UV website. The UV account was originally set up in his name, but I'm added as a second primary user.I've also tried deleting the second user and just using the same name and password to link the UV account to my HD; nothing works.  Not sure if it's an HD vs HD+ thing, or if it's an issue with just my device; I'm hesitant about trying both the deathorization of Nook Video via  "setting/applications/NOOK Video" and the deregister/reregister process (too much headache) with a 1000 book library, as I DO use shelving.