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    More B&N difficulty

      A New York Times report here http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/25/business/media/barnes-noble-weighs-its-nook-losses.html?_r=0  


      indicates another area of concern for B&N relating to the terrible sales of the Nook products. I am worried about nook support and longevity of the product content.


      There were also articles on ZDNet and Techland.



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          Well, these things move slowly.


          I think support for Nook products should be fine for a few years - even if something bad were to happen to B&N's Nook business.


          B&N isn't going anywhere in next few years. Well, let's hope not.


          Yes, it is worrisome.

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              I hope you are right but it seens that any news is bad news for B&N, There are a number of other articles.


              I'm about ready to root or dual boot and I have made sure books that I bought are backed up on my PC. Of greater concern is the poor sales volume of the HD(+) will not interest developers and encourage them to develop more useful apps. You are probably right aright about some time  perhaps a year or two hopefully long enough that the tablet market renders the HDs old tech.



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              Well hopefully even if the Nook dies, and we are forced to go to a different device, we will be able to transfer our content to said device. I would hate to see the Nook die and then we are stuck with all of this content and can't use it on a nother device.


              Maybe at least the Nook app will survive and the B&N content we have purchased will still be viable going forward. I also hope that if they do kill the nook then they still provide ebooks and more content.

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                  1) Yes, there are Nook reading apps for iPad and Nexus 7. So content will still be available.


                  2) Yes, the whole plan they seem to be weighing is to focus on selling ebooks and making apps for other platforms.


                  3) This:  Of greater concern is the poor sales volume of the HD(+) will not interest developers and encourage them to develop more useful apps.


                  I think there was already not that much developer interest compared to Apple. Where this will hurt is that now Android App makers will have less incentive if sales don't pick up.



                  Also, as an app developer I can tell you that hearing things like this (B&N might stop making Nooks) is not encouraging. Then it means focusing on other Android stores (which amy or may not be worthwhile) or on Apple or Windows 8 or something else.