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    Free Magazine Anyday

      I have before used the BN forums to draw attention to some weirdness in the area of nook magazine subscriptions.  Then, it was the notion of receiving magazine issues 10 out of 12 months while still being billed monthly, which I found a little misleading.  Now there's this:


      Select a magazine, subscribe to it, and download the current issue.  Now go to your subscription management page on the website and unsubscribe, and you will get the magazine for (drumroll please . . .) FREE.  It's obviously not supposed to be this way, but if National Geographic is representative of the norm, there is indeed a gaping hole in the nook subscription service that allows BN to give away free magazines, and no, this has nothing to do with the free trial period.  If I had to venture a guess, it probably has to do with subscriptions and cancellations being done on a pro-rated basis, such that subscribing for less than a day essentially makes you liable for 0% of the monthly subscription rate.


      My guess is that I am not the first to discover this; but since it could potentially represent a very meaningful loss of revenue for BN, not to mention being frowned upon by partnering magazine publishers, hopefully, BN will take notice and fix the problem.

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          Magazines are still free per this hole in the subscription service. Just trying to bring this to the attention of the company and nook-consuming community.


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              The first issue of a magazine subscription is free if you cancel before the 14 days are up. That's what the free trial is about and how it works. So if you downloaded a magazine and then cancelled it immediately, it falls under the same heading.


              You still get to keep the magazine. But if you buy another issue of the same magazine, you will NOT get it free no matter when you cancel. It only applies to the first issue you "buy".