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    Slide show on HD

      How can I set up my pictures as a slide show on a HD? Or simply to scroll through them? Each each picture viewed I have to hit Done.

      Also how do I get the pictures to show as thumbnails?



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          Open a picture file with the Gallery app or choosing a picture in My Files.


          Tap on the picture.


          A bottom menu bar will appear.


          There is a Play icon, this will start a slide show with a nice little zoom animation.  I don't know if you can turn the zoom off or change the timer.  The slide show will only show the pictures from the same folder selected.


          There is also a Share, Delete, Rotate, and Crop option on the bottom menu bar.


          edit: I am also able to just swipe through the pictures.  I don't see a Done button at all.  Are you by any chance using a different picture viewing app or have the most recent HD update?