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    Battery charge questionable.

      Often when using my nook color unpluged I will get a message that states the battery charge is critical and the device will shut down unless pluged in to a power source. I under stand that this message is normal if the device has been used for several hours unpluged; however, I often get this message after using my nook unpluged for only a few minets. Even stranger, when I plug my nook back in to a power source the battery symbol comes up  indicating that the battery charge is nearly full. I am undecided if this is a problem with the battery or a problem with the device itself. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any advice?


      Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

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          Although I haven't had this issue with my NookColor my son did have this issue with his Nook HD.  It could be either the battery or the battery calibration.

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            It could be battery calibration. You could try erase and deregister to get the meter to reset.


            It could also be a bad/worn out battery. Considering that the NC is about 4 years old it wouldn't surprise me.

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              Just be aware of two things:


              1. The battery gauge in Android lies. Or rather, isn't necessarily tied to reality. I'd give it a couple of use-recharge cycles before giving up. The calibration data may have just gotten out of whack and it might recalibrate itself.
              2. You might want to keep running it when the message flashes to determine how close to actually depleted it is. I once had an Android device run with the display on streaming music for over 3 hours after the gauge showed 1% battery remaining.


              If you really are only getting a few minutes out of it, I'd try a reload of the firmware before giving up. The battery certainly can give out but until you're sure that's what's happening, don't toss a useful device.

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                Thank you for the advice. I think that I will take it into the store where I purchased it and ask their tech person to help me. If they think it needs reregistering maybe the store will do it.